Puttering away the day

Where did my day go?  I’ve have been puttering on several things but I can safely say I did not accomplish much at all. Not that I planned to do a lot today other than maybe knit and sew but I haven’t even done that yet. 🙂

I did get my Turks and Caicos sweater soaked and it’s laying out on the blocking boards to dry.  I did tidy up a couple things and did some laundry but mostly I was looking on line at new dishes and other things.

The set of dishes I have – are ending up in the trash one by one.  I have to think that it’s a flaw in the design of the dishes – one by one they are splitting in half.  Every so often I pick one up and it has that strange feel – the feel I recognize as it having a crack in it somewhere and although it’s usually not showing on the front of the plate thru the glaze, I can see it on the back.   I bought a few plain white cheapy plates since I was running out and but those can’t be put in the microwave so it was time to start looking for something new.

After looking at way too many dishes ( and finally after trying to decide between two set that have square plates and then luckily remembering before hitting that buy button that square dishes do not fit well in the dishwasher) I ended up going with what I was thinking about to start with – Fiesta ware.  On a cold winter’s day it’s hard to resist all those bright fun colors.   But I didn’t order complete sets  – for the time being I just ordered a few bowls and 6 or 8 (can’t remember the final tally) lunch plates since that’s the size I usually eat off of anyway.   I’ll pick up some dinner plates next time they are on sale at the store here.    I did also order a larger bowl and I think the other was called a hostess bowl – I just loved the design of that one – rather art deco looking –  and will probably leave it out on the breakfast bar more as a decorative item (fill it with M&Ms?)   Actually I can’t be trusted with M&Ms in the house so that won’t happen. 😉   And in addition to dishes – why do I never have any spoons?  (I know why – I have a habit of not noticing they’ve dropped into the garbage disposal and they get a bit chewed up.)  I have wrecked more teaspoons that way.   So I’m replacing silverware too and will make a concerted effort not to grind it up.

And the best part – besides the fact that the dishes and silverware were all on sale was I had an additional coupon I could add, a President’s day extra sale coupon, and free shipping so saved a good sum of money.    That was my exciting day and now I’m going to  snuggle under a quilt and get some knitting done.


5 comments on “Puttering away the day

  1. You will absolutely love your Fiestaware! I’ve had mine for years and have no chips or cracks in any of the pieces. And a few of them have been dropped! The only disadvantage to note is that the shape of the bowls require me to put them in the dishwasher every other slot, but that hasn’t really been a problem — just can’t fit as many of them in at the same time. I have only one set of each of the colors I own, and I love opening my cupboard to see all the bright colors stacked in there randomly – bonus!

  2. Oh, the pain of a spoon in the garbage disposal. It’s well known here! We put a scrubber in the disposal opening now. It has a hard top to put diswashing liquid in and the bottom part has bristles. This is not a good descritpion, but you can usually find them at the grocery store or dollar store. When our spoons (bought with boxtop coupons) couldn’t be replaced…something had to be done. Enjoy your new dishes and silverware.

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