It’s a top

Block and rows are all sewn together.

20160207_3Now I just have to decide what, if any, borders I might want to add to it.  It will be a great little charity quilt and that peach color, which is a bit brighter IRL, made those blocks look a bit spring-like laying on my floor – despite the snow right outside the door.

In addition to this sewing, I’ve gotten two large loaves and one small made of banana bread to take into the office tomorrow and did some cleaning. (Tho you’d never know I had the kitchen spotlesss since I currently have it messed up again with some dinner preparations).  I never really paid attention to what time I got up this a.m. but it seems like it was a day and a half ago.  I’m not complaining that time seems to be going by slowly by any means but it does seem like it is.

Think I’ve had enough sewing for today so knitting and finding a good movie to watch – the only way to spend a Sunday afternoon and evening – and I’ve got some country style pork ribs slow roasting in the oven for dinner.  I’ve been so hungry for those so am anxiously awaiting dinner!