February 7, 2016

My little featherweight, after hibernating in the sewing room for what seems a long time, finally got a bit of a work out yesterday.   I got all of one type of block for my quilt done.


There’s a pile of scraps left not quite wide enough to cut more block pieces but might work in a border so I’ve set those aside.    Hopefully I will get the alternating blocks cut and sewn today.  I can trip piece those more easily since they are out of regular yardage and not all those little layer cake strips so should go quickly.

I did cast on my Unbalanced sweater last night – more than one.  I had about an inch knit and realized in the very first row I must have set it down and then picked it back up and twisted one of the needles so there was a twist in the beginning row.  No one else would have noticed it but it bugged me and at the same time the lightbulb came on — why didn’t I use the tubular cast on since I like that so much better than long tail on sweaters.  All the more reason to start over, which I did, so nearly have the bottom ribbing done once again but I’m much happier with it.


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    • I don’t name quilts unless I have to – for publication or if I’m writing up the pattern to share – so this one won’t get a name other than I know it’s my TLE January Mixer project.

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