February 6, 2016

So far its been a fairly productive day – although I’ve jumped around to several different things today.

It started last night – when I walked into my bedroom I had to move something on a shelf and what slid off the shelf but a plastic storage bag with some yarn in it — image that!   Actually I forgot I had put it there.  It was all for a sweater I had planned quite a while ago.  [I just searched on the blog because I can remember talking about the fact that it was such a great sale that I couldn’t pass it up (and I think friend Judy and I were chatting about it).  I got the yarn around February 7, 2014 so it has been hibernating in the stash for 2 years tomorrow!  Time to get it out into the light of day.]


And since I’m bored with the one sleeve I have left to knit for the sweater on the needles, and since I didn’t feel like seaming the other sweater I need to finish – what’s a girl to do but swatch for a new sweater.  Despite the fact that there’s some gorgeous yarn coming to make a second Charlie’s Cardigan style sweater, and despite the fact that it should arrive at the office Monday or Tuesday, and despite the fact that I’ll want to get started on that sweater right away, I still swatched last night, blocked it this morning (toss in the wash and the dryer) and I generated my new CF pattern so you know I’m going to cast that baby on tonight!  🙂


The color on top in the above photo and the swatch below (Stone) is going to be the main color of the sweater.


This one will be another cardigan but it will have stripes on one side in front and on the opposite sleeve and have a matching cowl.  I based it on the Unbalanced pattern.  So on my Ravelery page it’s called “Denise Unbalanced” — well that really says it all right?  LOL

Anyway, I’ll get a start on that later.

While waiting for my grocery delivery, I started sewing the Layer Cake strips together for my TLE January Mixer fabric project.

20160206_8It’s going to be scrappy – well controlled scrappy since it’s all one line of fabric.  Here is what one of the alternating blocks will look like.   I’ve got about 8 or 9 layers of block pieces stacked on top of each other so I can chain piece them.  The hardest part was mixing up all the various sections so each block looks  bit different.

Laundry has been done and I’ve got a fruit cocktail torte baking in the oven.  A bit of a coffee break and I’ll get a start on sewing those blocks together (and an all time classic horror flick – The Blob – is playing on tv. ) 🙂

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  1. You are hilarious! Can’t wait to see what the “fermenting” yarn is going to produce! Unbalanced? Hahaha!!

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