Off the Needles – 2-5-16

The first project finished in 2016 – my CF Charlie’s Cardigan.


The top photo is the true color which shows up better than the prior photo laying on my carpet where it sort of blended in.  Below is  a quick snap of it in the not so great bathroom light quickly taken by propping my camera on a stack of toilet paper to get the right height before leaving for work this a.m. LOL  I hate taking photos of myself.


It’s cozy and warm and a bit oversized so I can wear it as a jacket this spring.  But on the coldest days of the winter it’s loose enough that I can put another thinner sweater underneath if I need to.      I want to make a second one – tho I may inset a different lace pattern in the front – that has more tapered sleeves and takes just a bit of the ease out all over.  It’s Cascade 220 worsted weight in the color Opal.  This will see a lot of wear.

This evening I may start seaming on my Turks and Caicos pullover.  I usually block my sweaters first because I like how the front edges stop curling when I pick up stitches for a button band.  But since it’s a pullover, I won’t have that issue.  Once I get it seamed, I just need to pick up the neckband and it has just 4 or 5 rows of garter stitch for the edging so just maybe I’ll get it finished off this weekend.

Of course there are plenty of  other things to knit on – my TLE February Mixer project is the Twilight Cowl.   Here’s a photo I took of it earlier this week.  I started it on the first and I may get this finished this weekend as well.


The beads look sort of orange I the photo due to the flash but they are really dark brown and match the yarn perfectly.  After that beaded section you knit about 6″ of stockinette before starting the reverse image of the beads on the opposite side.  This has been my bus knitting a couple days this week after I got past the beads and I think I may only have 2 or 3 rounds left to knit before starting the beads.

Somehow I plan to get some quilting in this weekend too and do some cleaning (tho if it comes to a choice between the two I don’t think the quilting will be the one neglected).  And I placed my grocery order today for Hy-Vee to deliver tomorrow morning … have I mentioned before how much I love that delivery service. Not having to go to the grocery store every time myself -it’s heaven! I’d rather do any cleaning task around here than go grocery shopping – delivery has made me so happy.  So time to do a bit of tidying up around here and toss in some laundry (to leave me more time to play tomorrow!)




7 comments on “Off the Needles – 2-5-16

  1. Wonderful job in the cardigan! I am envious of your talent to knit so your sweaters fit so nicely. I am forever needing to roll up my sleeves on jackets and sweaters. (But i have not graduated past knitting flat items like scarves (lol).
    Have a great weekend, Denise!

    • Thanks — well if you’ve mastered knitting and purling, then you just need to learn how to increase and decrease. A simple sweater is just knitting, purling, increasing and decreasing. 🙂

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