January 31, 2016

Darn it’s damp and dreary and cold outside this last day of January.  I may just have to go back something since having the oven on warms my kitchen/living room up nicely. There’s some  bananas that need to be made into somethin or maybe some homemade English muffin bread.  I’ll contemplate that over brunch (one I figure out what I’m going to eat for that but the coffee is just not enough this a.m.).  🙂

I very nearly have a completed sweater!  I was up into the week hours of the morning and then some seaming my Charlie’s Cardigan and have the neckline edging added.  I just need to go wind another hank of yarn so I can work on the buttonbands today.

20160131_4 And I found the buttons I had bought so I’ll be all set.  Just maybe I’ll have a new sweater to wear tomorrow.

And for those of you who are observant you may have noticed the new button on the right side bar of the blog that looks like this

stars - sew

This is the design I’ll be presenting for the first 2016 QAL.  Click on the button in the sidebar if you want to leave a name suggestion for this design – and see what I said about potential names and leave your suggested name on that page rather than this blog post so they are all in one place.   Additional information can also be found by clicking that button and will be updated with additional info as it becomes available, including start date and yardage, etc.

Hope some of you will be joining me in quilting along on this project.