On the Knitting Needles – 1/30/16

I’ve been knitting right along on my TLE January Mixer / CF Deep Winter KAL project.  Last Saturday I showed you the front was finished (having previously finished the back) and just had the sleeves left to do.


Check this out — this is the SECOND sleeve.  I have just about 20 rows left of the sleeve cap and both sleeves will be done.  I’m hoping to get this blocking either tonight or tomorrow.

I also showed you last week the yarn I had gotten to make Jewel Dragon.  Well I couldn’t resist starting it – those arches were just calling to me.  I sooo love this project.

20160130_2 - Copy I started by decided the original solid dark blue yarn was too close to my variegated one and was blending too much.  So I went stash diving and found this “Wild Apple” colored Skein Top Drawer  sock yarn.  Some of my favorite socks are from Skein yarn – it’s one of my favorite yarns and feels so nice.  It ended up being the perfect color to go with the variegated yarn.   One row of 5 arches done and half way through the second.  This is easy to do and the pattern instructions have lots of great photos for those who are visual learners.  It’s not a quick knit, due to how icord is made, but it will be a great project to pick up and put down and now worry about losing my place.  After the first row, I’ve got the pattern memorized.   As I was working on it I kept thinking how pretty it would be to put this design as the cuff of a  sleeve or the bottom of a sweater.  In the meantime, I have set this aside to finish off my sweater.

Then there’s the announcement of TLE Mixer project for February which you can read about on TLE Blog here.   The theme for the month was just perfect for me.  The most recently added pattern to my Ravelry account is Twilight and I had just shown you the photo of the yarn and beads I had gotten for it last week 20160123_11 so it’s definitely from my “short” list to make soon in keeping with the February theme.

I haven’t decided if I’ll do a February Fabric themed project but since there’s not a deadline – I have some time to think about it.


2 comments on “On the Knitting Needles – 1/30/16

  1. I have been reading your by email for a long time and did not realize it was from a blog site–first you always inspire me to keep on quilting and knitting an how you get so much done and work too is beyond me!!!
    I love your header on your blog site, is that a pattern that is available??
    keep stitching and knitting–
    love and laughter, di

    • Hmm I think you would have had to visit the blog in order to sign up for the email subscription but perhaps forgot since it was back in 2013 according to my subscription list. 🙂 The header image is not available as a pattern although the birds (with stocking caps instead of New Year’s hats and confetti, and donning their boots) was published in one of the past issues of Quiltmaker Quilts from 100 Blocks as Frozen Friends and in one of the past 100 Blocks issues as Shoulda Flown South.

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