A quilty plan

Enough cleaning for one day – I can see the sewing room table, and have room to work on it once again, and pretty much all of the floor is clear and the various little piles of fabric put back on the shelves and scraps which were tossed everywhere have had one final toss into the bin.  Tomorrow I just might be able to get in there an finish some machine quilting on a quilt I’ve been working on (or ignoring – depending on how you look at it) forever!

There was a bit of EQ playing last weekend and last night and I think I’ve finally come up with a new quilt design for the blog and my TQP friends.  At the moment I can’t decide if it will be a quilt along or a mystery so I’m not going to show you that design yet.  I still need to decide if I’m going to add any borders on it.

But I also wanted to draw up a quicky quilt design that I plan to use for a layer cake and some additional yardage of a fabric line I’ve got in the stash.  I need to do some figuring and see how the size pieces I’ve drawn work out but I think this design will work with the layer cake and yardage I have.  It’s just randomly colored in  –  not all blocks (the ones with the most pieces to them) will have the same fabrics in them in the same places but they will be same sort of color family since I’m using a Layer Cake.  But I want something where I don’t waste the layer cake pieces by cutting them in odd shapes.

frontporchpress.Or maybe this….


But I’ll wait until tomorrow to start actually laying out fabrics and seeing how things will work out.   I am hoping to get a bit of stitching done on this tomorrow tho but time to go make some dinner.

Home made pizza is on the menu along with an evening snuggled under a quilt (it’s damp out today and is making it feel colder than it really is)  watching movies and finishing off my sweater sleeve.

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