On and Off the Needles – 1/23/16

I simply couldn’t link up to  the Friday on the Needles report to Judy’s Patchwork Times last night because I wanted to share the finished front of my sweater and I still had some serious knitting to do to get to that point.  But I made it.  Here’s the front of my Turks and Caicos CF sweater.  (be sure to check out all the other fun projects at Judy’s link).

20160123_7The funny thing was as I was working on this sweater and watching a PBS show they kept talking about being in Turks and Caicos.  I had never given much thought to the name the pattern  had been given but had to “Goggle” it and found it would be a lovely place to visit on a cold winter’s day….







Beautiful isn’t it?!

So not only is knitting fun – its educational since I now know where and what Turks and Caicos is.

Here’s a close up of the finished lace panel.


So now just the sleeves left to make – which if I remember right are 3/4 sleeves.   This sweater is my TLE January Mixer knitting project and also is my CF Deep Winter Knitting KAL project.   The Mixer project doesn’t have a set deadline  – the KAL does but it’s not until mid-March so I just might actually have it completed on time….. maybe….. if I don’t get distracted by some other shiney woolly object.

Speaking of The Loopy Ewe Mixer projects — Sheri, owner extraordinaire of TLE,will be doing blog posts  featuring various participants in the Mixer projects.  I’m so honored to be the first one and you can see my Loopy interview here.   This weekend I hope to clean the sewing room so just maybe I can get started on my fabric Mixer project.  You can find the Mixer announcement here – still plenty of time to join in the fun, or join in during a later month.

My Charlie’s cardigan is coming off the blocking mats today (part of the cleaning of the sewing room) but here’s a shot of one of the fronts all blocked out.

I love how the chevron type lace looks in this one.

20160123_2  and a close up of the lace .









There also was a bit of new yarn that arrived this week from TLE.












This is what I ordered to try making the Jewel Dragon.   The solid blue is darker than my photo shows so I’m hoping I’ll have enough contrast between the two.  I wanted it to look more like a darker short of shadow between the arcs rather than the really high contrast color in the pattern.  We will see if what is in my mind’s eye will match reality when I start knitting it.  (this project may be the shiney woolly object that leads me astray from my sweater because I really want to start it.)

I also got yarn and beads to make Twilight.    This cowl will probably maybe be a gift for a friend but the color of the yarn and the beads are so me that I may have to keep this one and make a second.

20160123_11But today’s task which I must get to – yes my Christmas tree is still up.  It’s just been sitting prettily in its corner.  My Mom was laughing that I hadn’t taken it down yet.  (I told her I’d have to take it down or pretty soon I’d have to dust all the ornaments.)  Well heck, some people put there’s up at Thanksgiving – a month before Christmas.  I didn’t put mine up that early so I’m enjoying mine a month after Christmas.  (plus I kept forgetting to buy new tissue paper to rewrap ornaments since the old stuff was pretty shot — still haven’t bought the tissue paper but there’s a supply of paper towels so that will work). Need to get that tree down so I can move on to more fun projects