Sweater progress

I did get my CF Charlie’s Cardigan onto the blocking mats yesterday.

20160117_2The sleeves are drying on a towel on the table. Turned the fans on fronts and back last night so I’m hoping they are dry and I can seam the shoulders and start on the buttonband today.

I also fund my CF Stonington I was working on about this time last year.  Fronts and backs done, first sleeve (after some moving knitting last night) is about ready to start the underarm castoff.20160117_3 The sleeves are a little slower knitting  because the entire length of them is 2 x 2 rib  – I was a bit concerned at first that it looked so skinny compared to my other sweater sleeves but the rib is really stretchy.

I may need to pile all those sweater pieces and a pile of quilts on top of me – I’m not even venturing to the end of the apartment complex to get my mail due to this

7Yeah- does it really matter whether the sun is shining when it’s minus seven outside — I don’t think so.    Glad I don’t have to venture out anywhere today.



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  1. I completely agree about not going anywhere. In my part of ND the temp is -18F right now. I don’t even want to think about the wind chill because that makes me want to consider moving, lol.

    At least the cold makes for an excuse to be productive. Good luck with finishing both sweaters.

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