The “tree” panels

Okay so remember I order one, a couple, several, multiples of this tree panel since I wanted to use a couple in a wedding quilt top and then maybe pillowcases and then maybe keep some to use for quickly gifts – just quilt and make a wall hanging out of them – or whatever else I can think of to do with them?

Well the first batch of 3 I ordered arrived yesterday.    They will work fine for what I want but I’m a little disappointed.

genesisLoneTreeThis is the image that was on the Nancy’s Notions website.  What I particularly liked about it was all those colors melding together at the bottom – the fuchsia, purples and aquas  and the brighter greens in the trees – sort of a springy/summery feel.

Here’s the panels  – that area clearly looks different – as a matter of fact all the colors are much darker.

20160116_1The panels are still pretty – they will work for what I want – but I think the image on the website is of the original artwork that this fabric is based on and not the actual yardage – which is very misleading to say the least.

We’ll see how it looks when I lay out all the other fabrics I bought to go with these next to them.  They’re still sitting at the office since last night I was off to “Broadway” and didn’t want to tote them along with me since I met a friend for dinner downtown first.

The Broadway production of Beauty and the Beast opened here last night at the Overture Center and my employer offers staff a “buy one get one free” ticket deal each year for any of the performances at the Overture.  A wonderful added perk.  One of the partner’s wives coordinates and she does an absolutely fantastic job.  I placed  my order with her for the tickets months and months ago and never really looked at where the seats were, tho I knew they would be pretty good seats.   When the usherette led us to third row from the stage just two or three seats off center stage – WHOA!  I’ve never been quite that up close and personal before.  Fantastic seats!  Plus we got to sit next to a princess who was about 5 or 6 years old – wearing her Tiara and yes, her princess costume.  When I told her I was jealous she had a tiara her mom said they were selling them in the lobby.  Dang!  I totally missed that or I might have had to buy one for me! But I didn’t wear my princess costume so it probably would have looked out of place. 🙂 Lots of kids as well as adults of all ages in the audience and the little princess next to us was very happy when we handed over the long tinselly streams that were shot out over the front rows of the audience at a certain point to her to keep.  It was a fun evening.


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  1. If you were so inclined you could use some Seta silk paints (available from Dharma) and paint them yourself. Just have to heat set it afterwards. When you mix them with water they are like water colors. They have both transparent and Opaque.

    Have also painted fabric with Derwent Inktense Pens. But you have to use a medium (like matte medium) and it hardens. I think adding water might make them a bit to runny.

  2. you have saved me; I was going to get the panels but I really needed the “bottom” colors for a special place, darker won’t work, Thanks !

  3. I agree with you. I think I would be deeply disappointed about the colors, too. Especially if I had purchased blenders to go with the original picture. As quilters we are a flexible group, but that is really pushing it.

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