On the Needles – 1-16-16


Here’s the pile of my Charlie’s Cardigan pieces.  That piece in front is the second sleeve and I’m working on the sleeve cap so it won’t be long (hopefully later this morning since my current plan for today is to go snuggle under a quilt in my chair, coffee cup full of my favorite coffee, movie on tv and knit.   The temps have taken a dive again for the weekend so snuggle inside is where I plan to stay.  Hopefully I can get this on the blocking boards this weekend and get back to working on my Loopy January Mixer sweater.

I might have ordered some yarn yesterday…. I happened up on this pattern, Jewel Dragon, and I couldn’t get it out of my mind.  I find it very intriguing, love the “scales” look, and tho it may be a bit fiddly, it doesn’t look too difficult and here are great photos of the process in the pattern to help.


The photo is taken from my printed pattern so does not do it justice and has a glare – go to the pattern on Ravelry and check out the gorgeous photos of it.    Well by the end of the day, after looking through my Ravelry stash (Did you know The Loopy Ewe now has a way to click a link on your order confirmations in your TLE account and automatically add photos of your yarn to your stash page on Ravelry – very cool and easy.  It’s not entire stash, just TLE yarns and a couple others that came in recently that I remembered to take the photo of, and I don’t know if I’ll ever take photos of all the yarn I’ve bought elsewhere stashed in the closet and upload them into the stash, but when looking to see if I might have yarn for a particular project it makes it so much easier – and I can see a yarn and it gives me ideas of what I might want to make with it .)  Here’s the mini (literally) peek at my stash page.  You can sort of all kinds of key words to filter what you’re looking at – love this.stash But I digress — the long and the short of it is I didn’t have the right kind of yarn to create that all over blend of various colors in the arches of the scarf. So these two have been ordered for the scarf.   mechitaI’m hoping the “solid” one is dark enough to have enough contrast from the multicolored one.   Can’t wait to give Jewel Dragon a try.

I’ve also had my eye on a cowl pattern (that I’m thinking of making as a gift) that has a bit of beading on it so ordered this Madelinetosh yarn resinand found matching beads. The yarn color is called Resin  and the pattern for the cowl is Twilight.