Afternoon productivity – 1/16/16

I have been busy and now I have a completed pile of all the pieces for my Charlie’s Cardigan.  Just like with quilting, there is a part of knitting that is my least favorite.

In quilting – it’s the layering and pinbasting of a quilt.  I procrastinate forever doing that and once I get started, I always wonder why I procrastinate so much.  (Maybe it’s because my sewing table is usually a mess so I have to tidy all that up before I can start layering a quilt on it.)

The same sort of step in the process of knitting is my nemesis too.  It’s the blocking.  Once I get started it doesn’t take long so I don’t know why I procrastinate on that too.  However, I’m seeing a familiar thread (no pun intended) running through these tasks – I block on the sewing room table too.  I sometimes move the block boards to the floor once it’s all pinned down but I usually do the pinning on the table since my knees just don’t like crawling around on the floor or trying to reach things if I put the blocking mats on the bed.

Here’s what my sewing table looks like.  It’s been worse – the tub of yarn can go back it eh closet and my little step stool can get put away and the featherweight put in the closet – half the battle.  But I am going to deal with this mess soon and get my sweater laid out on the blocking mats tonight.


The sweater is in the sink for a soak with some “Soak”- I love using Soak for my hand knits, makes them feel nice and you don’t need to rinse it out.  After I finish getting dinner started, I’ll get to pinbasting.

I’m the meantime, I just took the second pan of Mexican Wedding Cake cookies out of the oven – and after having a taste test, declared them delicious.  I stuck the rest of the dough in the fridge to bake at some other time since I needed to get my Chicken Chablis and baked potatoes into the oven.  Yum, one of my favorite dinners.

Tonight I need to sort through these containers…20160116_8

One of them should have my Stonington sweater in it (which I started for the CustomFit Deep Winter KAL last year so I want to see where I left off.  I think I was on the first sleeve.  Also need to see what else might be tucked away in the bottom of those baskets.

Oh and guess who came to visit the feeder this afternoon — Stumpy was back!  He brought along a friend who had a fully, regular length tail to eat with him so at least he’s not an outcast with that short stubby tail.


And the more I look at those tree panels, the more they are growing on me.  I still would have liked them more like the image but they are still pretty cool.   Dang I wish I would have brought those other fabrics home last night that go with them….oh well….I have plenty to keep me busy without playing with that project yet.


The “tree” panels

Okay so remember I order one, a couple, several, multiples of this tree panel since I wanted to use a couple in a wedding quilt top and then maybe pillowcases and then maybe keep some to use for quickly gifts – just quilt and make a wall hanging out of them – or whatever else I can think of to do with them?

Well the first batch of 3 I ordered arrived yesterday.    They will work fine for what I want but I’m a little disappointed.

genesisLoneTreeThis is the image that was on the Nancy’s Notions website.  What I particularly liked about it was all those colors melding together at the bottom – the fuchsia, purples and aquas  and the brighter greens in the trees – sort of a springy/summery feel.

Here’s the panels  – that area clearly looks different – as a matter of fact all the colors are much darker.

20160116_1The panels are still pretty – they will work for what I want – but I think the image on the website is of the original artwork that this fabric is based on and not the actual yardage – which is very misleading to say the least.

We’ll see how it looks when I lay out all the other fabrics I bought to go with these next to them.  They’re still sitting at the office since last night I was off to “Broadway” and didn’t want to tote them along with me since I met a friend for dinner downtown first.

The Broadway production of Beauty and the Beast opened here last night at the Overture Center and my employer offers staff a “buy one get one free” ticket deal each year for any of the performances at the Overture.  A wonderful added perk.  One of the partner’s wives coordinates and she does an absolutely fantastic job.  I placed  my order with her for the tickets months and months ago and never really looked at where the seats were, tho I knew they would be pretty good seats.   When the usherette led us to third row from the stage just two or three seats off center stage – WHOA!  I’ve never been quite that up close and personal before.  Fantastic seats!  Plus we got to sit next to a princess who was about 5 or 6 years old – wearing her Tiara and yes, her princess costume.  When I told her I was jealous she had a tiara her mom said they were selling them in the lobby.  Dang!  I totally missed that or I might have had to buy one for me! But I didn’t wear my princess costume so it probably would have looked out of place. 🙂 Lots of kids as well as adults of all ages in the audience and the little princess next to us was very happy when we handed over the long tinselly streams that were shot out over the front rows of the audience at a certain point to her to keep.  It was a fun evening.

On the Needles – 1-16-16


Here’s the pile of my Charlie’s Cardigan pieces.  That piece in front is the second sleeve and I’m working on the sleeve cap so it won’t be long (hopefully later this morning since my current plan for today is to go snuggle under a quilt in my chair, coffee cup full of my favorite coffee, movie on tv and knit.   The temps have taken a dive again for the weekend so snuggle inside is where I plan to stay.  Hopefully I can get this on the blocking boards this weekend and get back to working on my Loopy January Mixer sweater.

I might have ordered some yarn yesterday…. I happened up on this pattern, Jewel Dragon, and I couldn’t get it out of my mind.  I find it very intriguing, love the “scales” look, and tho it may be a bit fiddly, it doesn’t look too difficult and here are great photos of the process in the pattern to help.


The photo is taken from my printed pattern so does not do it justice and has a glare – go to the pattern on Ravelry and check out the gorgeous photos of it.    Well by the end of the day, after looking through my Ravelry stash (Did you know The Loopy Ewe now has a way to click a link on your order confirmations in your TLE account and automatically add photos of your yarn to your stash page on Ravelry – very cool and easy.  It’s not entire stash, just TLE yarns and a couple others that came in recently that I remembered to take the photo of, and I don’t know if I’ll ever take photos of all the yarn I’ve bought elsewhere stashed in the closet and upload them into the stash, but when looking to see if I might have yarn for a particular project it makes it so much easier – and I can see a yarn and it gives me ideas of what I might want to make with it .)  Here’s the mini (literally) peek at my stash page.  You can sort of all kinds of key words to filter what you’re looking at – love this.stash But I digress — the long and the short of it is I didn’t have the right kind of yarn to create that all over blend of various colors in the arches of the scarf. So these two have been ordered for the scarf.   mechitaI’m hoping the “solid” one is dark enough to have enough contrast from the multicolored one.   Can’t wait to give Jewel Dragon a try.

I’ve also had my eye on a cowl pattern (that I’m thinking of making as a gift) that has a bit of beading on it so ordered this Madelinetosh yarn resinand found matching beads. The yarn color is called Resin  and the pattern for the cowl is Twilight.