Another wedding quilt

No I haven’t gotten lost – I’ve just been out of town and then busy with things other than being on the computer.  Mostly busy knitting – although I don’t have any photos for you today.  I did get the back of one sweater knit this week and have started on the front.  New needles have come in (I broke a cable -it was the hard plastic kind and it didn’t like the cold weather) so I can get back to working on the sleeves of my other cardigan.   Well no photos of finished projects but yes, I did actually order some yarn 😉

Before the end of the year I had ordered some Yowza from Miss Babs gratitude sale which arrived.  I love those big oversized hanks of yarn.  I had ordered Obsidian obsidianA nice black with a bit of shading in it but it didn’t go as well as I liked with the other yarn I had wanted to use it with.   But then earlier this week I saw this

sealifeSea Life Yowza – I had nearly ordered this once before and I thought how nice the Obsidian would look with it.  On my list of sweaters I want to make is Seguin or something similar. I don’t think I want striped sleeves – maybe just a strip or two at the cuff – but yes I had to order the Sea Life because it’s just so pretty.  Whether in that pattern or something else – I plan to use them together in a sweater.


Clearly yarn and fabric stash busting is not going as well as could be since I also ordered fabric. 🙂

I seriously need to finish the wedding quilt which has now made the 1 year anniversary mark.  My goal is to get it finished off before the end of February – I just haven’t had time to spend a day machine quilting in a while so it’s lingered.  But I just found out I need to get started on another wedding quilt – in the hopes of actually having it timely done this fall.

I had a new fabric line I recently saw in mind but I had no clue what I would do with it.  It’s the Robert Kaufmann Enchanted Pines line available at The Loopy Ewe and the colors/prints look gorgeous.  But, I needed to come up with a plan before ordering any.

Then yesterday I found this


Isn’t that gorgeous!  It’s a fabric panel and the colors and trees go perfectly with the Enchanted Pines line of fabrics so these have been ordered.

projectplannerIt’s going to be a simple design – I have a vague plan.  I have three of the panels coming and I want to sort of stagger them across the quilt top and then just use simple strips or rectangles or ….well I don’t know yet but when it’s done hopefully it will showcase the panels and just be lots of lovely colors around them.    I also have another plan brewing to use just one of the panels in the quilt and use the other two turned sideways to make into pillowcases.  If you cock your head to the left to look at the panel sideways – to me the darkest tree trunk looks like land with trees and sky above and the reflection of the trees in water below so they may work well as pillowcases too.

Going to have to wait until I can spread all these fabrics out to decide what I really want to do with them but they will be lovely to work with.  And I may need to order another panel or two for me to keep – it would be so pretty just machine quilted and binding added to use as a wall hanging  and make quicky gifts too.  But I need to get that other quilt finished so I can play with these fabrics.


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