Stashbusting (Yarn and Fabric) – January 3, 2016

Friend Judy has combined the stashbusting report link ups on her blog, so I will be putting both in one blog post, too.  Clikc on over to Judy’s to see how everyone else is progressing.

I thought I had nothing to report but then — those snowflakes!  They used fabric from my stash.  So I’m off to a great start just three days into the year year.

Fabric used:  5.0 yards    Fabric Purchased:  zero    Net Used Year to Date:  5.0 yards

On the knitting front – nothing finished so nothing used yet but heck we are three days into the new year and I haven’t purchased any yarn.

You will see some changes to the sidebar of my blog:

fabric  This image in the sidebar is the button to click where I will post images of my finished fabric projects and keep a running tally of yardage used.  My goal is mainly to get some of those more than I want to count quilt tops of all sizes in tubs and hanging in the closet turned from tops to finished quilts.  And, I have quilt tops in various states of completion that are all Christmas quilts for the extended family.  I really would like to start finishing those off.  As I go through the tops, the ones I no longer like (or in some cases didn’t like as soon as they were pieced) will be donated to new homes so they no longer take up space here.  I will buy fabrics as needed but I hope to find things I can use in the stash too but stash busting fabric will not be my main goal — finished quilts will be and hopefully the two will go hand in hand.


This image in the side bar is the page where all my finished knitting and weaving projects will be located.  I am going to try to work mostly from the stash.  I have several sweaters in process and a couple more planned that I have the yarn for already so my focus will be to finish things that are currently on the needles.

I even have some free yarn headed my way since I joined in the Laura Aylor KAL for some of her bulky yarn patterns.  The random number generator drew my post as a winner so Laura is sending a hank of K2 (Miss Babbs bulky yarn) in a lovely Moss green which will be perfect for another of her patterns I want to make.


My first new fabric and knitting projects for 2016 are in the works – I cast on my Loopy Ewe January Mixer project last night – Turks & Caicos CF sweater in Wollmeise Pesto from the stash.  The fabric January Mixer will use this Front Porch Layer Cake purchased from TLE in 2014

DSCN4885and I needed some additional fabric for the pattern I want to make so I got some additional yardage of the fabric in this same fabric line (on clearance in the Last Call page at TLE even) so these are what I ordered.

plutoprojectsThe pinkish one is a slightly mottled one and the other three are all the same prints but in different colors – sort of a dot and dash running vertical but it doesn’t show up clearly in the image.