Loopy Legend, Denise’s Gannets, Sweater finished

This afternoon, coffee cup and little bowl of chocolates at my side, I finally finished the side/underarm seams on my sweater.  The yarn was my Loopy Legends yarn dyed for me according to an inspiration photo – this bird is a Gannet.


I started the sweater August 30, 2015, — it’s a CustomFit pattern called Afterlight.  I wanted just a simple pull over that I could toss on with my jeans around the house.

This is the yarn based on that photo:


I didn’t want to bother with alternating hanks of yarn so decided it would be my “pooling” experiment.  I got several different types of pooling.  The widest swatch of pooling is on the back and if I were choosing placement, right across my backside would not be where I’d put it but it is what it is.  🙂

I need to bury a few ends and block it but here’s what it looks like right now.

20151225_9 I have jeans the same bluey/gray color as in the yarn but I was way to lazy to put those on for the photo.   Fingering weight yarn – tho it takes longer of course to knit a sweater in it – is a great weight sweater to wear.  The Lorna’s Laces Loopy Legends have a nice bit of drape – which helped create the bit of gathers at the bottom of the vee neck.  The vee neck is ribbed and then finished with a little rolled stockinette edging.

I updated my “Knit the Stash” page with this finished project.  Over 2,000 more yards of yarn added to the “knit” list.   I have converted those yarns knit/woven to date to miles – because I like seeing how many miles it converts to and so far I have FINISHED knitting/weaving nearly 12 and one half miles of yarn.


Merry Christmas

20151225_2If you look very closely at this blurry grainy photo (I had to zoom in and it was taken at night) you can see the white – yes those are a few snow flakes that landed on the ground when I looked about about midnight or 1 a.m. this morning to see if we had gotten anything from our 10% chance of snow.  I just look out now – 9:00 a.m. – and other than it finally “feeling” like winter — meaning we have normal temperatures in the upper 20s rather than the 40s we’ve been having – there’s no snow to be seen.

I worked until noon yesterday – part of a skeleton crew.   I spent most of yesterday afternoon and evening snuggled under quilt, watching old holiday movies, etc.   I also did a test run of my new dryer.  Yes my old one really was dead when they came to look at it on Monday and on Wednesday a new one was delivered.  I actually had to check out the instruction book because it has more bells and whistles than the older model did (which may have been the original one put in when the apartment was built) and nearly had a heart attack when the buzzer sounded to let me know it was nearly done drying the load.  My old dryer had no alarm, plus I had left the laundry room door open so it sounded super loud. LOL

I started on a second Olethea  in some Berroco Ultra Alpaca Chunky.  This one is for me – I’ve adjusted the size just a bit for my shoulders and actually added a second increase row in so I can wear it just over a top or over my winter coat if I want — at least I think so, will have to wait until it’s off the circular needles to truly tell.

I used this yarn – Blueberry Mix is the color

berrocoultralpaca blueberrymixIt looks dark blue from a distance but up close you see the lighter shades of blue and that lovely purple mixed in.


Here’s how far I’ve gotten.  I’ve nearly knit through three hanks of yarn and have two more waiting in reserve.


Now I think another cup of coffee is in order and then back to my cozy spot for a bit more knitting or to start seaming the side/underarm seams of a sweater I’d love it get finished off today – just those seams to do but in fingering weight yarn, they take a while.