The tree and Hy-Vee experiment

The tree and Hy-Vee – an odd combination to be sure.     First the tree – finally got the tree out of it’s box and look, it’s upright and lit and branches fluffed in all its scrawniness but I love this skinny tree.


It’s looking a little bare tho but that will soon be remedied.

I started uwrapping ornaments but then got sidetracked for a while, which takes us to the Hy-Vee experiment part of this.

I really needed to run to the grocery store this weekend but when I looked at the temperature it was 20 degrees outside and really really windy so I really didn’t even want to know what it felt like out there with the wind chill.  No way did I want to go stand on the corner and wait for the bus to go grocery shopping.  Normally I don’t mind hopping the bus to the grocery store – I’ve gotten really good at getting in, grabbing what I need, and getting back to catch the next bus a half hour later.   It works most of the time unless I get a bad checker (which is why I usually use the self-check lines).  I save the stocking up shopping for when I’m out with a friend who I frequently go shopping with, since when taking the bus I can only carry so many bags.

But, this morning, the light bulb came on.  I remembered last time I was in the Hy-Vee store that I saw a sign that  they deliver your groceries.  Hmmm…  so went on line and checked it out and there are two Hy-Vees within 2 miles of me and they would both deliver to me.  I thought there might be a really high charge for delivery – no – so I set up my order and it is scheduled to be delivered to me tomorrow morning between 9 and 10 a.m.    I am excited to see how this works out.

There are some things I didn’t put on the order because I want to pick out my own of those items — like some fresh fruit and veggies — sometimes those bags of lettuce on the shelves do not look good enough to come home with me or like grapes – I have to see them to decide if they look good enough to buy.   I did add one or two fresh items tho to see how they do choosing for me – head lettuce and asparagus – they can’t go too wrong with that.  I did stock up on staples tho because the cupboards are fairly bare in addition to things like bleach, laundry detergent, and other cleaning stuff.

As much as I absolutely hate grocery shopping, I’m hoping this works out well. I wouldn’t have them deliver all the time but it’s nice to know that option is out there.  Now I just have to figure out how much to tip the delivery person since it’s sort of a pain to get from the parking lot to my door (up and down steps) but I’ll worry about that later.

Now back to unwrapping those ornaments and getting them on the tree.  I’ve got one box unwrapped but two or three more to go.


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