Denise’s Pillowcases

This afternoon I started the set of pillowcases that are for a Christmas gift.

20151213_17They are now complete.

The photo is only showing a quarter of each pillowcase since they are folded.  I sort of streamlined how I make them so five straight seams and no topstitching and I’ve got a French- seamed pillowcase.

The quilt binding is added to my quilt and just needs to be hand stitched to the back which will be my project for the evenings this week.

I did pull out the Christmas storage box with the tree and all the decorations.  I put the pine and pinecone garland around my door and hung out a 3-D start light (not hooked up to electricity yet) and just as I untangled the string of icicle shaped lights and was ready to start stringing them up outside, it decided to start raining.  I should have gotten at it first thing this morning.  It was over 50 degrees so a very warm day but it’s rained all the rest of the day so the lights will wait till later in the week.  And one of these days I’ll get the tree set up.

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