One of the gals on our Quilting Post yahoo group posted a link to these great fabric snowflakes.  I definitely will be needing to make some.  They are just so pretty.  I’ve seen them made out of paper before but never though of fabric – and they look more substantial out of the fabrics.

shabby fabricsCheck out the Shabby Fabrics video to see how easy they are to make.

That  lone plant hook in my living room ceiling left from the last tenant (or maybe it was for hanging light) which I’ve never hung anything on – heck it may need a snowflake to hang on it.  It would make a great winter decoration for the outside of my parents condo door since it’s in an inner hallway so not exposed to outside weather.   And my sister has a sunporch where they would look great hanging in the windows.

I’m planning on going to my parents after Christmas so I may just have to  get the fabric pieces all fused and the cuts made (since my Mom and my sister are not quilters so I wouldn’t be trusting them with doing the rotary cutter part) 🙂  but if I got them ready that far,  the three of us could then do the gluing and put them all together while visiting.

I have also been wanting to make some of this style of snowflakes as tree ornaments.   This video shows how to make them with two sided printed paper but I’d do the same thing except with double sided fused fabrics as well.

I found a great deal on Amazon for the type of Heat N Bond needed – much cheaper in bulk  and since the large flakes are double fused they will of course take twice as much of the norm —  so have a bolt of that ordered and since I won an Amazon gift card at our office party this past week, it’s a “free” deal at that.  And there are of course all kinds of fabrics in the stash that would be perfect for these – bunches with gold metallic or silver metallic accents to sparkle, batiks would be lovely – lots to choose from.   Yes, I’m very excited about trying some of these out.

But – on a different note – I have been busy.  About 8 pm I finally finished all the quilting on the deer quilt.

DSCN4812It’s tossed over the couch for the time being.  Tomorrow it will get trimmed up and the binding added.  A long day of quilting but I’m glad it’s done.

I have one other Christmas gift to make – a set of pillowcases for someone else and hopefully tomorrow I’ll get those whipped out too.



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