On the Needles – 12/12/15

I’ve been knitting right along on my Charlie’s Cardigan and am making great progress.

20151212_3The right front is now just past the armhole bind offs.  I was about 3″ farther but then realized I had  goofed up one of the lace repeats and left two rows out of it — it was a very skinny chevron.  So ripped that back since the chevrons wouldn’t have lined up across the front of the sweater.


I would the bulky project I had bought to make Olethea but since I wanted to make it a bit larger and longer, I realized I didn’t have enough yarn.  So have relegated that yarn to a different Laura Aylor pattern since she recently released several bulky knit patterns and I want to make them all.

This was the yarn I original got for Olethea — I was going to use it for the  bulky knit Just for You Two MKAL that she’s also doing which starts next week.  I like the way it’s set up – broken down into seven clues with about an hour’s worth of knitting each clue — that sounds very doable to sneak in some selfish knitting the week before Christmas.  I was going to use the Malabrigo Mecha for that but it’s a bit more variegated than may be good for the project so I think I will try either Shoji  or Oppose out of this yarn.

20151212_8 So I had to find some other bulky yarns to use for the other projects I wanted to make and for the MKAL. Since I wanted to make several bulky projects and had absolutely no bulky yarn, I’ve got these coming … yes I absolutely HAD to buy yarn. 🙂

This is Tiara Tweed in the color Rose.  I love the specks of colors in it.  It’s a wool, llama and silk blend – and was even half price so I couldn’t pass it up.

I will use this for one of the Olethea.


berrocoultralpaca blueberrymix


This is Berroco Ultra Alpaca in blueberry mix – love the different shades in this one.

And another Ultra Alpaca in berry pie mix  (maybe I was just hungry when I was ordering and the “pie” names got me.)

berroco ultra alpaca cherry pie mix

I think the Berry will be used for the MKAL which hopefully it will arrive in time for — it starts the end of next week.

Now as for today’s happenings …. I need to stop dilly dallying.   There’s a lap quilt to be layered and quilted – after I clear away the stuff on the sewing table (which may mean just dump it all in the laundry basket to get it out of the way quickly and deal with putting it all away later).   It’s another dreary day (it’s been sunless all week I think) and the fog is jus starting to lift outside – maybe before it rains I’ll get some outside lights up but I need to get in that sewing room first.

20151212_4It’s amazing – here is what it looks like outside my door on December 12 — no snow (not complaining) – you can see the fog of in the trees which is finally starting to lighten up.  The hillside still looks green (weeds in Wisconsin are very hearty) and I think in the last two months I may have turned my heat on once or twice.

I was looking back to see what the weather was last year at around this time — we had had some cold weather but  also with some similar weather to today – for instance last year on this weekend here’s how my blog post started out.   Pretty much what’s going on this weekend.  LOL