Whew! Now that was a busy afternoon…

Funny how much I can get done if I just get started on something.

20151206_2The last of the cookies are cooling.

20151206_5The applesauce – about 10 cups of it – are in the freezer  with this one left out in the fridge and my two veggie drawers in the fridge are now finally free of apples.  And the apartment has a wonderful cinnamon smell.

20151206_3The pasty is baking and is smelling pretty darn good too — note the use of the swirly edge picture frame which effective blocks the inside of my oven from view since it’s in dire need of cleaning. 😉  Another 10 minutes and it should be perfect.

The Christmas tree storage tub is pulled out of the closet but I think I’ve done way too much work today to bother pulling it out tonight but we’ll see how I feel after dinner.  I may just go for  some quality knitting time after dinner.

And the first border is on the quilt I need to finish so I just took a break to stare at it on the floor a while to try to decide which  fabric I want to use for the border..  One more border to add and hopefully I’ll get it layered one night this week so I can start quilting next weekend.

20151206_1Now to figure out what else is for dinner.