Happy St. Nicholas Day

stnickDid you celebrate St. Nicholas Day growing up.  We did.

We always seemed to just miss the seeing him – he was just too quick.  There would be a knock at our front door, which we never used in the winter time because the porch floor got too slippery with snow, so we always knew it wasn’t one of the usual friends or neighbors coming to call if the front door was used since they all used the back door.

Anyway, there’d be a knock on the door and by the time we’d get it unlocked there would be nothing there but footprints in the snow and goodies left for us.  Usually some candy and just for good measure, to make sure we were on our best behavior leading up to Christmas, a stick or piece of coal (charcoal briquette) to keep the four of us in line. 🙂  Of course it was many years before any of us realized that Dad was no where to be seen when St. Nicholas happened to be knocking at the door. 🙂  Good memories.


Yesterday I spent doing some boring cleaning (and taking more and longer breaks as the day went on) and a long time staring at my living room in preparation for cleaning and moving furniture to try to decide what needed to get moved in order to make room for me to put up the Christmas tree.  Thank goodness I got a really skinny tree last year so it does not involve having to move furniture to a different room anymore.

In the process tho, I cleaned out one of my bit knitting baskets and the cabinet where all manner of knitting and sewing tools just get swept into a drawer when I’m done with them.  At least one little cabinet is reorganized.  I also found the Holiday DVDs that had been stashed away so my plan was to get up early, do some baking, and get the tree out and work on that quilt I need to get finished.

Well, I did get up early, I’ve been sipping coffee and been on the computer ever since.   I needed to look up in EQ the border sizes for my quilt and of course had an idea for a holiday quilt and just wanted to try drawing the tree.  Yes, you know I tend to get lost in EQ once I open it up.

treeskIt’s just a partial design.  The trees are quite large and since I don’t love doing paperpiecing, making three of them would be a bit of a stretch but I may fill in the rest of the blank spots of the design and it would be cute printed on blank greeting cards to make my own Christmas cards.

But, I have my border measurements for the quilt I need to work on so no more EQ for today.

It’s a bit chilly in the apt today (tho it’s warmer in here than the temp I usually keep the thermostat at) but the air feels damp outside.  But, that will be cured soon once I turn the oven on which will warm up the kitchen and living room.  I’ve got some Mexican Wedding Cake cookies to get mixed up and maybe some Gingersnaps.   I decided it was a comfort food kind of day so in addition to making those cookies, I’ve got hamburger defrosting to make Cornish Pasty for dinner tonight and when I’m making pie crust for that, I may have to make a bit extra since there’s fruit in the freezer that I could use to make a little pie.  Also, time to use up the last of my apple supply from my Aunt’s apples so I think I will make applesauce with them to stick in the freezer.

My apt should be smelling good and toasty warm by the time I get done with all this.  So time to get some baking started so I can get to the quilt sewing (and hopefully get the Christmas tree up and I’ll enjoy it for a few days with just the lights on it before I get around to decorating.)



7 comments on “Happy St. Nicholas Day

  1. I really like this design. I can see some words written/printed in the blank spaces. I can also see the current backgrounds filling out these spaces.This is a simple peaceful design. Thanks for showing it to us.

  2. Love the Christmas trees and agree that there would be a time investment if you make them. It’s a great pattern though, and I can see some crazy quilt patching in the open spacess

    • I was thinking along the same lines – some of the tree patches could be broken down even more to add more fabrics, thread embroidery to enhance the tree patches like crazy patch. Buttons beads and small charms attached for ornaments – it could be fun to decorate (okay maybe only one tree since I don’t think I’d ever see completion of three of them LOL. I don’t mind the time investment to paper piece something, I just don’t really like the process. And this one would be bothersome since it would take a ton of paper as the tree blocks are about 50″ tall.

  3. Denise, I love this tree design. When I saw it with the blank spaces I thought of embroideries in those spaces. Either machine or hand stitched. Or some really spectacular stitching/quilting in the form of swirls or stars. Anyway, those thoughts just popped into my head when I saw this beautiful design.

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