On the Needles – 12/5/15

I still need to seam my Loopy Legend Gannets yarn sweater.  The side seams are all clipped together so maybe this evening I’ll get that done so I can wear it.

In the meantime, I started a new sweater – CustomFit Charlie’s Cardigan.   My yarn arrived on Monday (my Black Friday purchase) so got busy swatching.

20151205_4It’s Cascade 220 (nonsuperwash) and the color is Opal.  The swatch is true to color on my monitor – sort of a slightly pinkish tank.   20151205_1So Tuesday night I cast on and here’s my progress so far.  I’ve got about 12″ – 14″ knit already.   This is knitting up really quickly so far, but then of course my last two sweaters were fingering weight.



The other yarn I had ordered was originally for Olethea but I wasn’t thinking correctly when I ordered it because I need to make it larger and longer and didn’t order the extra yarn to do so.  But it all worked out well since Laura Aylor is running another holiday MKAL that uses the same weight (bulky) and I’ll have enough to make the MKAL project for me and enough leftover to make Oppose as a gift for someone else.   That’s my favorite kind of gift giving — one for you; one for me. 🙂  Plus I love the colors of this yarn (which are a bit darker/richer looking that my photo) and Malabrigo Mecha is so soft.  The color is Solis.

So that’s what’s in the works at the moment.  Today, once I convince myself I really should get dressed, I think will be spent doing a bit of cleaning and pulling out the Christmas Tree and setting it up even if I don’t decorate it yet.  And maybe tomorrow putting up the lights outside since it’s supposed to be a fairly nice day  (39 degrees and not windy on  December 6 is pretty good – and no snow on the ground).    But then I also have a quilt I really need to finish so I’d better get busy around here!