A little of this and that…

I’ve been puttering again.  I told myself this morning I was going to do some cleaning around here and the morning is gone and I haven’t.  I was trying to figure out borders for a quilt but nothing I drew was working so I wandered off into other EQ files again.  So here’s just a little eye candy of what I was playing with today.

greensI like this one  – the movement across the quilt – tho I think I might try turning it on point to see how that looks with setting triangle around the edge.


The next one is part of a larger design that I separated out.  It has potential for showing off one way prints well in certain sections and actually I think it might make a neat Christmas Tree Skirt treesk (I have a feeling  my tree won’t have its new tree skirt this year since I have some other quilty and sewing things to finish first.)


Although I didn’t go wild buying yarn on Black Friday, I did decide to go back and order some yarn I was contemplating on Friday but talked myself out of that day.  It is perfect for a project I want to make when the pattern is released and I don’t have bulky yarn in the stash and since I did have to place an order for some fabrics (and had earned Loopy Rewards on my prior order so had $25 in rewards sitting there burning a hole in my account) I added in the yarn since it was still on sale.  The yarn is Malabrigo Mecca and the color is Solis – I plan to use it to make a cowl necked caplet – just a shoulder warmer that would be great around the house.  If my neck and shoulders are warm, the rest of me usually is – a Laura Aylor pattern that is still being tested but should be released soon.


The fabrics are for some pillowcases which will be a gift for a dog lover friend.  I like the fact that these prints are in sort of a weird color combination – makes them so fun. So I’ve added another sewing project to my list of things to get done before Christmas.

I went digging through one of the yarn baskets of projects in the works – trying to clean up things that were overflowing – and found this yarn in the bottom of the basket.

I was trying to decide what yarn I wanted to use on my loom next and I think this is it.

20151129_14The colors are great and a bit more rich/darker looking IRL.  It’s Meadowcroft Dyeworks  Rockshelter Sock and the color is Four-Twenty.  It feels nice and soft so I’ve bribed myself with first I can get this wound (so I can put away the yarn swift attached to the breakfast bar) and then I have to clean up the living room and kitchen and finish folding laundry before I can warp up the loom.

So off the computer, plug in a movie, and get to work winding yarn and cleaning.  Someone was very messy on this four-day weekend at home.