Just some border measurements…..

I opened up EQ just to see what the measurements of the borders should be for the quilt I wanted to work on this afternoon.  I did that, but then was looking at a design I had originally drawn for Hoffman Fabrics.  They didn’t use that particular design but I still really like how the blocks play together.

It was originally drawn for some possible Christmas fabrics – it has great spaces to show off some larger prints – but I wanted to see how it would look in other fabrics.

abitmoremodernI especially like the way the background (white) space comes together where the two blocks join and makes it look like  a white square on point around the block with the large print in the center.

I may have to go stash diving in the Christmas fabrics tho because I think I have some great larger prints in there that would work well for this.

Then I totally got sidetracked for a while – the hazard of opening up EQ.  I had previously been working on a quilt using the pickle dish block.  I so love the look of that block but don’t know that I’m wanting to make a lot of those blocks.  So I play with them in EQ and enjoy the look but have yet to make one.  However, if I did make one  I don’t think I’d want the traditional layout look (double wedding ring-ish) of those blocks so I was playing with a few different settings that created additional open space for quilting (and yes, more open space means having to piece less blocks so it’s a win-win situation right?) 🙂  Here’s a series of the various layouts I was working on.

But I have to get back to those borders I originally looked up and get them on the quilt.



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8 comments on “Just some border measurements…..

  1. I really like the first one too, not your typical looking quilt. The pickle dish is sorta like the log cabins quilts that you can make all kinds of different layouts.

  2. I, too, really do like your first pattern here. I hope you will be willing to share it. I am definitely interested in doing it. I agree that the play of the white background really makes a nice statement.

  3. I’m with Norma, really love the first quilt!. Too many quilts now days are geared for the fast and easy. This is a nice change.

  4. Really love the first quilt! Really great design and I know I have fabrics that would be perfect if you decide to sell that pattern.

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