It’s nearly a sweater


Well I never did get those borders onto my quilt — tomorrow’s project I think.  But I did finish off the sleeve for my sweater and I did just finish setting in the sleeve cap area of both sleeves.  I kept telling myself I had to wait to eat dinner until I had both those sleeves sewn in — and I did — and it’s 8 p.m. and I’m hungry!  (Okay – I did have popcorn midafternoon while watching a movie so I’m not that hungry).  But my turkey sandwich is calling.

This evening I hope to get the neck band put on which is a little trickey because there are small gathers that go into the picking up of stitches on the neckband since the sweater is supposed to have a few drapey gathers there.  Hopefully I can get it to look right and I chose yarn with enough drape to it.

Notice the red clips — those quilt binding clips are perfect for lining up knitwear pieces while you are sewing them together.


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  1. Also I want to thank you for the PatchKats pattern … and especially the reminder to get the last installment saved. I haven’t started it yet but I plan on making it my 2016 project. Thank you again!!!

  2. could you have two newsletters? one for knitting and one for quilting because I do not knit or care to.

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