Off the Loom – another self-striping yarn

Just finished cutting off the second scarf from the loom.   And that was partly  a bad thing since I wasn’t paying close enough attention and cut right through one of the ropes that holds one of the bars in place.  I can replace it but I just can’t believe I did that!  Forgot it was hidden among all the tie on ends of my yarn.  🙂

20151114_9As you may recall – this is the yarn I was using for both warp and weft.  It’s a self-striping yarn with long color changes so you get the effect of different striped warp yarns without actually having to use separate colored yarns.


And here it is finished.   The color of the yarn balls is the truest as to color.  The scarf on the hanger is showing up a bit darker than true and the one where is laying in folds is a bit lighter than true.  But no matter what shade of those colors it turned out, it looks quite good with my aqua colored polar fleece coat so I think I’ll keep this one for me…. maybe….

and now I can go add more yarn into my yarn used tally. 😉



scarf2Now I have to go figure out what else is for dinner.  I went grocery shopping earlier today (the grocery store was nearly empty – the little mall across the street had its parking lot jammed – I did not venture near there) 😉  I did a bad job of shopping since I forgot my list and got led astray by things that I know were not on my list.  I did buy a fresh turkey breast that was half the price today that it was yesterday.  So that has just come out of the oven and is resting a bit while I decide what else to make. I was just going to get a Cornish hen but the turkey was a better bargain and my favorite thing about a Thanksgiving meal is the leftover turkey sandwiches.  I detest deli sliced turkey – it’s not the same but will definitely be having my turkey sandwich tomorrow.

I’m greatly disappointed tho I forgot to get the cranberry sauce.  Oh well – I’ll have some  another day.  And I forgot the oil again — do you know that when there’s no oil in the house (other than a bit of olive oil) everything you want to make takes oil!   The muffins I was going to make yesterday morning for breakfast – no oil.  The pie crust I was going to make today – no oil.  Of course the bad part was I was also out of butter – I did remember to get that today.  Tomorrow I’ll just make the muffins with melted butter now that I have some and really I didn’t need pie so that’s okay.  But I think a bit of turkey, some left over acorn squash from yesterday and some stove top stuffing (since I didn’t pick up all the stuff needed to make the turkey dressing that is the norm in our family) and some fresh asparagus sounds very tasty.


On the Needles – November 27, 2015

Let’s start with off the needles first.   I spent the majority of the day in my jammies knitting yesterday.   I finally decided to finish off a long vest I had started last December. It only needed the side seams sewn and then icord applied to both armholes.  Icord is boring to do but I popped in an old favorite movie and kept at it and the vest is done.

DSCN4763Here’s the close up of the yarn — the true colors are slightly darker -the colors look more Easter Egg color in this photo and overall the colors loom more fallish – sort of an overall golden cast to them –  but it’s the best photo.  The vest refuses to photograph true to color.


CF Luau Vest – S 12-21-14 F 11-27-15

I love this yarn and it’s short little color changes and am glad I have some leftover I didn’t use for this vest – plus I also bought a couple hanks in fingering weight yarn too since I loved it so much.  Haven’t decided what I’ll do with that yet.  But the vest is finally done.

I’ve updated the Knitting the Stash page with photos too and updated the yardage used.

Now it is Black Friday, and there are Black Friday sales at several online shops I shop at, but they are not enticing me as much as in the past.  I was waiting for Miss Babbs’ sale but it is not the same type of sale as she has had in the past so I didn’t need anything there afterall.  ESK – usual sale where you don’t know your percentage off until after you check out. Again, nothing really enticed me and I wasn’t buying yarn without a purpose.   But TLE was of course having a sale as well so I purposely didn’t buy some yarn I was looking at – which has a purpose – in the hopes that it might be on sale.  I wanted Cascade 220 yarn and TLE has all their worsted and heavier weight yarns on sale.    I’ve used Cascade 220 to make felted projects but I wanted to try a cardigan out of it.  I haven’t decided for sure which pattern but it’s between these three:

CF Charlie’s Cardigan or maybe Burnish  or Hemmingway

cascade - opalThe yarn color I chose is called Opal – it appears to be a sort of neutral tan color with just a hint towards the pinky/peach side.  I’m anxious to see how it looks in person but it appears to be a good neutral.

Ah – but I’ve digressed from “on and off the needles” to yarn buying (which has not yet been added into my yardage tally.

Anyway — on the needles at the moment – just a bit of sweater sleeve to finish – hopefully this afternoon.  But I decided I needed to cast on a smaller project and have been wanting to make the  Hurricane Ridge Cowl.  I had some longish color change yarn I wanted to try it with and found some leftovers from a shawl that would work with it.  Only problem was – I didn’t have the right size circular needles in the right lengths. So what to do – expect make do. I wanted just a single loop and not a real large one so I’m using the smaller needles and cast on the largest size.  I think it will turn out just the size I want but it’s much slower going on the smaller needles.  However – once you get a row or two in place, it’s a super simple project to knit without any markers.

20151127_3The bottom row is a provisional cast on because the cowl will be folded over and joined together with no right or wrong side.  It’s a very fun knit.  I think I may need to go searching this afternoon for a solid color to use with my leftover vest yarn and make one out of heavier yarn.

I’ve got maybe a half hour of weaving or less to go before my second scarf will be ready to come off the loom.  I think that will be this afternoon’s project to start with.