Socktoberfest Drawing

Don’t forget the upcoming drawing for the Wollmeise yarn – if you are playing along you won’t want to miss out.  Remember – in addition to the other criteria for the drawing that was previously posted on September 26,  #3 is a MUST and I’ve posted part of it below:

(3) ………..  You must email me a photo of your finished pair of socks by Midnight CST on December 1.  I’ll create a blog post to show off all your socks

In other words – if you don’t email the photo you can’t possibly win.  As always, my email address is at the top of my blog under my photo.  If you haven’t gotten an email back from me acknowledging receipt of your socks (ETA: – receipt of your socks photo  I meant to say – you don’t really need to send me your socks)  🙂  (I have only received two photos so far – a blue pair and a red pair) then I have not received your photo.   

As for my socks – well heck I’m not trying to win the Wollmeise and I’ve been engrossed with a sweater since the time change (time change made it too dark on the bus to work on my dark socks on dark needles) – but I do have them sitting out to get the second sock cast on this weekend.  So far – I’ve just got one lone sock.20151031_2_medium2