Happy Thanksgiving 2015


Hope you all have a safe and happy thanksgiving day.  One of these days I need to make this turkey wreath quilt design.   I’ve made just a single turkey – part of one of the past yearly projects where there was a different wall hanging each month – but I love hem in a wreath because until you look more closely you don’ realize they are all turkeys.   But that list of things I want to make is a long one, which I’m sure you can relate to if you are a quilter. 🙂

This morning I spent a bit of time updating the “Retired Hoffman Patterns” page.  You will find a link to it at the top of the blog and also under the Pages section.  These are patterns I’ve designed for Hoffman California Fabrics that have been taken down from their website to make room for their current patterns.   There are several Christmas designs I’ve gotten emails about that people were looking for that were no longer available so if you were looking for Snow Globes, Snow Birds, Ornaments and Baubles, Presents and Pines – those holiday designs are now available along with 15+ other designs.

In pulling images from my blog media library for these designs – I had forgotten that I have a Presents and Pines quilt in the works and if I remember right, I think the individual blocks are all made.  Here’s a photo I found from an old design wall post.  I think there are more blocks than this completed but I just might need to pull that one out this weekend.


No turkey and fixin’s for me today.  I didn’t plan ahead well and there was no way I was going to a grocery store on my way home last night.  But  my untraditional meal will be shrimp something – haven’t decided what yet but I love shrimp and there’s a big bag of them in my freezer, acorn squash (another favorite) .  I took off work on Friday so I’ve got a 4-day weekend. 🙂  I figure it will be safe to go grocery shopping tomorrow (if the weather cooperates) since all the people who are out shopping will be at the other stores for Black Friday and not at the grocery store.  So I may just pick up stuff to make my turkey or Cornish hen or whatever feast later this weekend as I am hungry for some homemade stuffing for sure.

As for today – it’s past lunch time, I think I’ll go get dressed 🙂  It’s damp and cold here – the snow has all melted because it’s raining but it’s a dreary and dark day.  So I think I’ll spend it watching movies and knitting today – I’ve got just a few inches of sleeve cap to finish on my sweater and  I started on a new cowl last night which I’ll show you tomorrow done in two different yarns.    And I’ve been musing on what quilting projects may be in store for next year on the blog…. BOM, mystery, periodic QALs….many possibilities but it’s time to start plotting and planning.  Speaking of which – remember PatchKats BOM comes down from the blog next month so if you haven’t collected all the pieces – do it now before it’s too late.

And in the meantime – please pass the pie…..




7 comments on “Happy Thanksgiving 2015

  1. I love your Thanksgiving quilt. I made it years ago when you first shared it–I used a lot of violet instead of red. It became a prayer quilt for our ministry (and I have no idea who has it), but every Thanksgiving I think of the quilt you designed, and I smile because it was such a happy quilt.

  2. Love the turkey wreath! What a cleaver idea. But you and cleaver ideas go together, lol! Now I wonder what your ever-fertile mind will come up with for 2016. We were stuck at home due to weather so I ate at my folks and we had a roast. My Patchkat fabric is washed, pressed, draped ever-so-carefully over things, patterns printed…….. and there it has sat. Grr….

    • Did you end up getting that ice that was moving through? My PatchKat is still on the design wall waiting for a few more sashing strips to get added – hopefully after the holidays I’ll get back at that one.

  3. Happy Thanksgiving Denise. I wouldn’t argue over shrimp either as it’s my favorite. Last year I was alone on Thanksgiving and also did a non-traditional dinner for myself. But my husband and I got to enjoy a delicious traditional feast this year at my niece’s house.

    Enjoy your long weekend!

    • Thanks. The shrimp was very disappointing sadly. Extraordinarily fishy smelling and tasting despite the garlic etc I added to it. Oh well – the rest of the meal was good and I actually did pick up a turkey breast today on sale so not the whole traditional meal but the turkey is my favorite part.

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