Winter has arrived – I’d better knit faster….

20151121_1I fell asleep on the couch watching a movie and finally at about 3 a.m. decided I should got to bed.  I took a peek outside to see what was going on and yes indeed, our first snowfall of the season was occurring.

I always take a photo of my birdhouse so I can tell how much snow as falled as it’s piled up on the birdhouse’s flat roof.

Then about 7:30 or 8:ooa.m. this morning – it looked like this in the light of day

20151121_2It’s a fluffy but rather wet snow so it has all the tree limbs coated.  I love the little woods outside my door when it snows like this — so pretty with all the limbs covered in snow.


And despite the fact that it’s supposed to be only about 26 degrees outside – I was outside filling up my two birdfeeders in my sweater and jeans and no coat and it didn’t fee bad at all.

I don’t think the snow will stick around too long — it’s still falling — because I think the temps will be too warm.  But I guess the snow season has officially started even if I have still not had to turn on my furnace.   I did remember to bring my snowboots home with me yesterday from my locker at work where they were hiding.  May need to find where the mittens got put.

And to my what’s on the needles report – which since I’m always late should be the “what’s on the needles the day after everyone else reports in “….

I’m closing in on getting the second sleeve finished for my pooling sweater.

20151121_10They both will have some interesting pooling on them.  I’m hoping to get the sleeve on the right finished off in the next day or two.

I also was digging through a large knitting basket of works in progress and pulled out my vest.   It only needs the edging on the armholes added and the side seams sewn.  I my have to see if I can’t get that one finished off too.

20151121_12 I have a note pinned to it (I finally got smart) because I took the circular needle from it to use on another project so will have to go see if that needle has been freed up or if it’s still in some other project.

This vest just does not want to photograph properly – it is such pretty yarn.  You can see a photo of the yarn in hanks here which is a bit better tho the colors are a bit darker yet.   I love the colors in this yarn so much that when I bought the dk for my vest, I also got a couple hanks in fingering weight but haven’t decided if I’ll make socks or something else or maybe use it on the loom.

The current scarf on the loom is coming along nicely two but that will have to wait until later for me to get back at it — I’ve got a quilt top I need to get together after I clear my table off a bit.