Sewing progress – 11/21/2105

20151121_3 Well there were many things I thought I might do today but I got a bit sidetracked when I realized I had two quilt patterns I needed to finish writing up and send off.  Those are done and I did get to the item at the top of my list to do today.  I wanted to get the blocks sashed and rows together on this quilt and I did.

I need to put one final row of the gray sashing all the way around.  Originally it was going to have the cornerstones in the outer sash where the blocks meet but since my next border is going to be a black print (at least that’s the plan at the moment) I don’t think I want the black cornerstones around the outside.  Hopefully I’ll get the borders on this tomorrow.



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    • I already have — and I did respond to your prior comment asking this very same thing. 🙂 It’s the Sea Breeze pattern I did for Hoffman Fabrics – you can find it on their website. Super easy and great for larger prints you don’t want to cut up too much.

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