ReCap of My Loopy Academy Semester

Whew!  I have finished all my homework for Loopy Academy.

Freshman Semester 1 Fabric projects all had to use a minimum of 1.5 yards of fabric each and the homework was

Make four placemats (with or without quilting – mine were quilted as I added the strips)


And drawstring bag(s) – I made two – one for my loom supplies and the other my hand knit sock laundry bag.  Both bags are fully lined and the sock bag should hold at least a month’s worth of socks (since I usually only wash them once a month and all at once).









and a seasonal wall hanging that had to include some quilting.  I made Winter Wonderland.  The kit was just the top section with the embroidery and mini quilt but I added blocks to the bottom from a coordinating panel to make it larger – it should be the perfect size for the small half wall on the side of my desk at the office.

LA project seasonal wallhaning  And the Sophomore year, semester 1 knitting projects:

Something with cables – the cowl my friend stole was gifted.

Something with texture – the baby sweater

and a pillow – different designs on both sides of the round pillow.

So now on to some quilting and knitting and weaving projects that have no real deadline – well I do have a two quilts to finish before Christmas – good thing all my homework is done!  It was all great fun and I’m looking forward to seeing what project assignments there are for next semester to decide if I’m going to continue or take a break from “school”.  Hmmm… does TLE offer a semester abroad Academy?