Fabric stashbusting and a new scarf

I haven’t gotten all the hand stitching of bindings done on the project I posted yesterday so I haven’t included it in my Fabric stashbusting numbers yet.  So currently they remain at:

Capture  But that number should change by next week when I get that binding done and that will be the last of my Loopy Academy fabric projects done.  This week I hope to get a little sewing done each night on the lap quilt I need to finish before Christmas.

And on other crafty artistic fronts – I couldn’t wait to get a new scarf warped on the loom.

20151115_4I never remember to measure how long I warp it – but it’s somewhere between 8 and 10 feet I think.


I’m using the same yarn in the warp and the weft.  I love how the strips show through but the color changes are wider and more gradual across the weft.  The flash is again washing out the colors but it’s turning out really nice.    And I even made progress last night on my sweater – one sleeve done and the other started.


9 comments on “Fabric stashbusting and a new scarf

  1. I have not tried weaving but your beautiful scarfs are making it very tempting. I do not need any more projects…I do not…so I will just enjoy looking at your beautiful creations, but I would love to touch the first one it looks like it would be so soft and comfy.

  2. Both your green blue and purple magenta woven scarves are lovely! Perfect for our pending chilly weather. Enjoy and stay warm! Cathy

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