Yarny things

I’ve been working away on many things lately.  First up – tho it’s not an “on the needles” project, it is a yarny item.

The scarf I started last Sunday, I finished on Tuesday night.  I love it.

20151114_6  The stripes are more pronounced in the flash photo than looking at it in natural light.  I still want to give it a bit of a soak to see if the yarn blooms any.  I love the way the long color change yarn  made the stripes without having to warp up different colors of yarn.


I’m anxious to get another scrap warped up so may get to that yet tonight or tomorrow.  Next up I want to try long self striping yarn in both the warp and the weft which I think should give an interesting plaid look.

I went back to sock yarn baskets and pulled out this.

20151114_9They’re both the same yarn – Lang Jawoll Magic.  I had started knitting socks out of it but decided I didn’t like it for socks.


As for on and off the needles –

the front of my Loopy Legend Denise’s Gannet pooling sweater is  complete.  More interesting pooling on the front.  Although it is also not as prevalent if looking at the sweater in natural like – I like the sort of argyle look the lightest cream creates in the middle of the sweater.

20151114_8 It starts out on the bottom with the colors more mixed up by after the waistline shaping starts and the stitch count changes, it goes to the white diamond pattern, and then above that after I separated it for the vee neckline – there’s wider blue/gold patches.   At the top on the needles is one of the 3/4 length sleeves – which also has a patch of gold when it reached a certain number of increases.  I’m about half way through the sleeve cap now so soon the second sleeve will  be in the works.

Today was spent sewing with a friend but I’ll save those projects for another day.  Speaking of that friend – she saw one of my Loopy Academy projects – the cabled cowl which was hanging on a chair and loved it — so here she is looking oh so happy that I told her she could have it.

Now to go tally up the yardage for my woven scarf to add to the yarn stash report….a quick way to use up some of that yardage.




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  1. thanks for this. i followed your scarf to revelry and found what brand yarn you used. it’s hard to find variegated with long color changes. good job. love the scarf.

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