Weaving experiment

Well as I had said – I was wanting to warp up the loom since I had it out and had just finished making a new weaving tools bag.  Did I do any of the other things I had planned to do today — do some baking, do some laundry, do some ironing, do some cleaning, put away the patio furniture and other outdoors stuff……heck no!!   I had a plan brewing in my head to use some long color change yarn for warp and then use some fuzzy mohair yarn for the weft.  So I went to look at those yarns in the stash – and luckily one container holds all the long color change and other specialty yarns  in one place.

I pulled out some Magico II Color 3503.  It’s a Lanna Grossa yarn and has long color changes.  I think it was one I had bought when I was trying to figure out what yarn to use for my Dreambird shawl.

This is how it would look knit up.

3503Not too exciting.  The colors are a little bit brighter in that image than in the ball I got.  The navy at the top on mine is very dark – almost black and the green is actually truly pea soup green and not as bright as shown in the image.    Yarns that may look not so pretty knit up can turning into wonderful things when woven – or at least in this case I think it did.

I warped the loom with the Magico.

20151108_1Yes I spent a while walking back and forth between loom and warping peg to get it all warped.  In the photo I think I was about at the half way point.  I intended to measure it but forgot but I think the warp was probably somewhere around 8-9 feet long.

I had pulled out some Debbie Bliss Angel – which is a mohair and silk blend – which I was going to use for weft.  It’s so thin and I have no idea how much it will take to weave the length of this, that I decided to combine two different colors of Angel — Eggplant and Magenta.


Here’s the loom all ready with the Eggplant — I forgot to put the Magenta in the photo.

But I wound the two colors of Angel together and it’s turning out gorgeous.

I can’t get a good photo inside and when I took the loom outside, it was already getting too dark that the flash would go and wash out the colors so  these photos aren’t really true in color.

I’ll have to try to get some better ones later because the blend of yarns is turning out beautiful.

So much for all that other stuff I was going to do today.  It’s dinner time and you know I’m going to sit and work on this the rest of the night don’t you?  After I go toss some leftover pizza into the oven to heat up. 😉

(The aqua yarn at the bottom is just scrap yarn that will be taken out – the bottom edge is also hemstitched so I can just cut and leave the fringe whatever length I want when done.)


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  1. beautiful! My loom is sitting with a 1/3-done scarf and I have plenty of plans (and stash) for a bunch of holiday gifts… but maybe they’ll end up being gifts for 2016!

    • Thanks! Hopefully I can get a good photo when it’s done – the colors are really much darker and richer than they appear in that photo. I’ve been moving right along on it and hopefully will get it finished off tonight.

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