Fabric Stash Report – 11/8/15

Capture  Here’s the state of the stash.   I used 2.0 yards to make my Loopy Academy tote bags project.     So I’m 39 yards to the “black”  having used more than I purchased so far this year.

The third bag still needs a few finishing touches but here are the first two bags.

Totally utilitarian bags – nothing fancy – but they are fully lined and I found a quick way to make them starting with just sewing a long tube  of the main color  and after sewing pulling one selvage edge up through the middle so it’s an instantly lined tube of fabric before finishing off the drawstring details and sewing the bottom folded edge shut.  Very quick to do.

The first one is for my weaving tools for the loom  –

20151107_2 It holds all the extra shuttles and heddles, brackets and warping peg and even the how to video so I don’t lose it among all my other videos.




And, when it’s not in use, it hangs by its drawstrings (which are actually sort of twill tape with a tape measure design printed on it) on the side of the loom so it gets stored right with the loom and I don’t have to go looking for where I put it.   The red rectangle at the bottom is a little pocket to hold the warping hook so it doesn’t get lost in the bottom of that long bag.


I haven’t woven anything on the loom in quite a while — for some reason it’s something I do mostly in the winter — but I think since I’ve got it pulled out I just might get it warped up so I have a project to work on.   Of course I’m going to have to pull out that DVD since it’s been so long since I did that.  But I have a thought I my head about warping up a long color change yarn and then using a mohair fluff type yarn to weave with it…. but I digress….

The second drawstring bag is totally utilitarian to but it replaces one of those reuseable grocery totes I used to use for this purpose.




This bag  hangs on a hook behind my bedroom door.  It’s the “hand knit sock laundry bag.”  I keep them separate so they don’t get mixed in with the regular laundry and since hand knit sock wearing weather is here this will come in very useful.  The ribbon drawstring and hanging loop are recycled finds – the ribbons that The Loopy Ewe ties around its fabric packages that you order.  The fabric on the bottom of the bag is printed with a light teal/white print that looks like knit stockinette stitch so very appropriate for a sock laundry bag.   The bottom of the bag (actually both bags) have the corners stitched so they made a rectangular bottom.  In this one I put a piece of an old rotary cutting mat that is no longer useable.  I save the old cutting mat and use it to cut templates or in this case it was perfect to give a solid bottom to this bag – which helps hold the top open as it’s hanging there so it’s easy to just pop socks into it.

Hopefully I made it large enough so that it will hold all the socks since I normally only wash them when the entire drawer is empty.

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    • Thanks! That’s part of a “reject” quilt design — only reject in the sense that Hoffman Fabrics selected a different layout that what that image is snipped from. But those are brand new fabrics in it that just debuted at quilt market.

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