Progress report – November 7, 2015

Progress has been made on several fronts – literally.  I have the front of my pooling sweater just about done.  Messed up some double decreases on one neck edge so ripped out to redo those so just have one side of the top front to finish.  In the meantime, I cast on one of the sleeves and have made great progress on it in two days.

20151107_1I’m really itching to start something with some JulieSpins yarn I had bought a year or two or more ago.  I knit the swatch up ages ago and it’s such a lovely draping yarn on the needles I used. Actually I just looked back and I swatched this yarn (Aleppo Pepper) just over a year ago – last October.   Part of my problem is tho that I have two hanks that are not playing nicely so they’ve been hanging over the back of a dining chair for nearly that long (I probably need to shake the dust off of them!).   When I put them on the swift, they are tangling and as the yardage is twice as long as normal fingering hanks, that’s a lot of yarn to try to figure out how to untangle.   So this weekend I may try putting it back on the swift and see if I can make some progress on them.  Then again – my pooling sweater is fingering weight yarn so maybe I need to work on one that is made from heavier weight yarn since the fingering – tho I love the weight of those sweaters – not too warm for me – are a long slog of knitting to knit.

On the sewing/quilting front, my  Winter Wonderland Loopy Academy project is ready to be layered and quilted.

20151102_2Once it is quilted, the little mini quilt will get added to the center of the top embroidered section.

This is the second of three Loopy Academy fabric projects.  So one this is finished I will have completed the Seasonal Wall Hanging and Placemat requirements and just have the drawstring bag project left to do.  I’ve already changed my mind on the drawstring bag.  I still plan to make the 3-in-1 Betsy Bag from Craftsy but since I recently decided I needed to make a quilt before Christmas and need to finish a second quilt before then, I think I’ll make some different, more simple drawstring bags for the Academy requirement and then make the Betsy Bag with all its handles and hooks and zippers after the holidays.   At least that’s my plan at the moment.

Much to do this weekend so I’d better get busy!