Winter Wonderland

No that does not mean it snowed here – thank goodness – it was a lovely day and I actually had the door and windows open.  Winter Wonderland is the name of my Loopy Academy seasonal wall hanging project.  After finishing the stitchery part in the week hours of the morning, today I worked off and on getting the rest of it together.

Although I can’t add any fabric into the fabric stashbusting report this week – I am sewing and soon I should have a finished project or two.

This one I hope to get finished this week so maybe next weekend I can quilt it.

20151101_2I already had the border sections ready before I began the hand stitching so those are now added.  And the center quilt is just set in place and not sewed in yet.  I’ll probably just applique it in place after the background quilting is done rather than make it a separate little quilt but will wait and see after I get the rest of it done.  I still need to pull the paper off since the little quilt was paper pieced.

This is the size the pattern is for but I want to make it longer to fit a specific space where I want to hang it to I’m adding to the bottom of it.  There was a preprinted panel with some coordinating blocks on it so I’m framing those and adding them to the bottom.

DSCN4700 Here I’ve got the first two added.  There will be at least two more added.   The section between the pieced border and those bottom blocks I added was actually the print that went along the edge of the panel fabric so I was able to incorporate that as well to separate the two sections and added dark black folded flange strip in between on each side.


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