A whole lot of stitching

fallback   Well since the clocks are set back – my stove is the only thing that doesn’t automatically adjust to daylight savings time – that means more time to be stitching/knitting on things since I have no idea why I am wide away at 2:20 a.m., which was really 3:20 a.m., which is just plain crazy but I am so just finished off part of one project.

20151101_1 While dinner was cooking I finally traced out this design which is part of a Winter wall hanging kit that I’m making as my Loopy Academy seasonal wall hanging project.   The color is really washed out in my photo because it’s a golden crackly looking tone on tone fabric for the background.  I thought I’d never get done with all those little tree twigs.  There’s a quilt that hangs from the clothes line in the middle which is paper pieced and I’ve got the border pieces for the stitchery already made. My best guess is I have now watched over 30 episodes of Dark Shadows on this weekend’s Decade bing watching  — well they were on for background noise but haven’t been watching too closely.

I also got the blocks all sashed for the Deer quilt and just need to decide if I want to use the same gray fabric, that sashed the pieces within the blocks, for the sashing to joint the blocks to each other.  But until I finally decide I should go to bed — a bit of knitting.


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