Happy Halloween

halloween It’s not going to be a great day here for the trick-or-treaters I’m thinking.  Another weekend of chilly winds, rain rain and more rain.  We had sunshine for a little while yesterday late in the day but it seems like it’s been raining all week.

So that means another great day for sewing and/or knitting right?  And I think baking/cooking some comfort food of sorts.  I never did anything with the apples last weekend because I was nearly out of sugar and flour and seriously what kind of great apple cooking can you do without those ingredients.  I was going to make meatloaf and baked potatoes last weekend – and then realized I had eaten the last egg for breakfast that day.  So after having dinner last night with a friend we hit the grocery store and I am fully stocked for some apple making – meatloaf making (after I clean up the current mess in the kitchen).  But I may leave the apple baking till tomorrow – I have sewing I want to get done this afternoon.  The quilt I started on last weekend (shown in the prior blog post) – I now have two of those rows of blocks all sewn together  need to get the other two rows sashed.

And…. yes indeed… it’s weekend two of the Dark Shadows Binge watching on Decades TV – very appropriate for Halloween weekend) which starts in about an hour so I need to get some cleaning done around here and laundry started (and maybe get dressed!) while I figure out what’s for lunch since I never got around to having breakfast.

In On the Needles news – yes I know I didn’t get this posted last night – ONE of my Crocodylia socks is complete!

20151031_2The yarns so dark it’s hard to see the stitch pattern.    Finished this one off Thursday night so need to get the second one cast on.  It’s so dark in the mornings riding the bus now that it’s hard to work on these (bus lighting is not great and you have to be sitting on the correct side of the bus to have the light right above you which doesn’t happen often) so I’ve had to switch my bus knitting to a different project.

Are you working on your Crocodylia socks for my Socktoberfest challenge.

You can still join in – finished sock photos not due until midnight December 1 and you can’t possibly win the Wollmeise yarn prize if you don’t play along 🙂  Priscilla has already emailed me a photo of her finished socks – looking lovely in red.  I’ll post all participant photos on Dec. 2 when I do the prize drawing.

My sweater for wearing with jeans that I’m letting pool however it likes …. I’m closing in on starting the armholes on the front — just a few more rows to go.

20151031_1Now that I’m above all the waist shaping you can see I’m getting areas where the cream color pools and almost makes sort of a diamond grid outline.  It is actually far more apparent in the photo that it is in real life and it will be interesting to see what happens once I start binding off armholes and decreasing stitches.  Plus this has a vee neck so working on just one side at a time will change the way the yarn behaves again.  Time will tell.


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  1. I’ve finished one sock and closing in on my heel on the second. I’m using Knit Picks Glimmer in a dark blue. Can’t wait to wear them.

  2. Where do you live? I live in Houston and couldn’t get downtown for THE quilt festivale. Roads flooded over. Guess I’ll stay home till tommorrow.

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