Quilt progress

20151024_2got all my blocks cut which was the putziest part of the process.  I cut then one at time to make sure that I got the one way fabrics turned the way I wanted and got the other fabrics turned this way and that.  Several blocks have their sashing added so now I just need to sash the rest of them.


Someone should have moved that footstool out of the way as I was going back and forth from the table to where I was laying the blocks on the carpet…….. a person’s toe should not be this color

……..  no it’s not your eyes, that is a very blurry photo but I have a much more purple piggy toe this a.m.  since it ran into the footstool. Ouch.


13 comments on “Quilt progress

  1. LOVE the quilt…OUCH for the toe. ( been there done that). Hope it does not keep your foot off the pedal!!

  2. I know about the toe thing. I broke mine 4 weeks ago, still hurts. And to add insult to injury, i lost my nail on that toe. Augh. Hope yours doesn’t end up that bad!

  3. Girl!!!! Your poor foot!!!! I hope you got some soft shoes to wear. Keep it up as much as you can too!

  4. And here I thought I was the only one who ever did that!!! It does hurt! I am going to have to check out that pattern. I probably have it saved anyway but will double check. After seeing yours I am thinking it might be really good for the Penn State fabric that has been aging in the stash. Who knows, maybe Galen will finally get his quilt!

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