Saturday Sewing

That’s my plan this wet, dreary and chilly fall morning — to spend a good part of the day sewing.  I opened the door to see what it was like outside and although the rain has stopped for the moment – it’s definitely raining down leaves in the wind.    But a dreary, wet, chilly fall morning is the perfect kind of day to spend sewing and/or knitting and I had already planned to do some “binge” watching of tv.  🙂

The Decades tv channel, which I recently discovered I could get, starting at noon on Saturdays and continuing round the clock until sometime (maybe midnight – I’m not sure) on Sundays plays episodes of all one program – much like the “marathons” other stations do.  Last week it was the Rogues – a tv series from the early 60’s (when I was just a toddler) 🙂  which I’ve seen an episode here or there of on other stations that play the old shows but I got to see many more during Binge weekend and it was entertaining as I was knitting away.  This weekend…. so close to Halloween…. what could it be but Dark Shadows.  My brothers and I used to race home from grade school – no dawdling on the way – to watch this show.  It’s one of those shows that to watch now seems so funny since the special effects – tho oh so frightening and suspenseful at the time – are so  not scary now.  But  that is going to be my tv viewing this weekend.

And while I’m vampire watching this weekend – I’ll be doing some sewing on these fabrics I think.


My plan is to get all the blocks put together today but we’ll see … I can easily be distracted… like by the fact that I have two deep vegetable drawers full of apples from my Aunt’s apple trees and I’m thinking what kind of apple goodness might I be baking?

I made this apple coffee cake last weekend and took it in to work on Monday and I can tell you it got the seal of approval from my coworkers.  I doubled the recipe for a larger pan, and I also added some brown sugar into my streusel topping and some chopped walnuts.   Takes longer to bake than the recipe says but just waited until the toothpick test came out right.  Moist, delicious, apply, and I personally can attest that it is especially good still warm from the oven.

Then again – it may be a good thing that I don’t think I have enough flour left in the cupboard to bake anything. 😉 but a baked apple may be my treat tonight since they’re so easy to pop just one in the microwave.  And will go well with the meatloaf and acorn squash planned for dinner.  Okay – I’m hungry now so need to go find some breakfast/brunch.

But before I do – check out this adorable fabric.

20151024_3This is the reward fabric for completing the Camp Loopy Safari sewing projects this past summer.   The logo with all the animals was the t-short logo and then they’ve enlarged Loopy who is standing on the top of the jeep.   Not sure what I’ll do with it – I still have last year’s Loopy fabric from camp too so may somehow combine the two.



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