Crazy for Cables?? or just crazy in general……

Okay – crazy in general probably fits me well  (I have many so-called friends who would agree with that — come to think  it probably family members as well) 😉   As for crazy about knitting cables – there are several patterns I love with cables but as I don’t really like knitting them.  I just admire the patterns from afar because altho they are lovely, they are something I get tired of doing since they slow me down and I actually have to pay attention to what I’m knitting and that whole having to use a cable needle – I’m always losing that down the side of the chair (although I have a different little gadget I may try instead of the cable needle next time I need one) .   Anyway, occasionally I make a few exceptions to the just admiring from afar cable rule.

Check out the Stories from Snoqualmie Valley shawl. It looks so warm and squishable and the cables with the insets inside – I am in love with them – and since I’ve got my Loopy Academy projects finished for this semester….. nope, I won’t be starting on it yet.  But I will start thinking about what yarn I want to use and then again, maybe I can score some great Black Friday yarn sales.  I shall just think about them as I’m knitting along on my current sweater (I finished off the back of the sweater and started on the front last night).  I think I’ll wait to decide if I’m going to do the next semester of Loopy Academy and if so, see if it fits any of the criteria, and if I decide not to do LA knitting, then it will definitely be a project for the beginning of next year.  This one I definitely want to make.

Another crazy idea – I decided I needed to make a quilt as a Christmas gift for someone – just a large lap quilt but unlike my Loopy Academy knitting projects, my Loopy Academy sewing projects are not yet done so adding a quilt to the things to finish in the next couple months – probably not a great idea but my fabrics have arrived.

fabricHere’s the fabrics that are waiting for me to cut into them.

Yes – it’s a hunting and fishing themed group of fabrics.  I especially love the deer heads on the gray fabric.

It’s going to be a simple quilt – I’m going to use the Sea Breeze quilt pattern – one I did for Hoffman California Fabrics.  Very similar to the Mix ‘n Match quilt I did but Sea Breeze blocks are square as opposed to rectangular.

Hopefully I’ll be able to get started on this one this weekend.


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