State of…… confusion

It’s State of the Stash day (fabric) and I missed the What’s on the Needles/State of the knitting stash update on Friday because things are just in a state of confusion around here! 🙂  Well not so much confusion as many deadlines and things all colliding at once which are keeping me busy.  So I’ll just bring all of it up to date here.

First – State of the Stash regarding the Fabric Stash:

I finished one of my Loopy Academy projects this weekend so I had new numbers to add into the stashbusting tally.

My Loopy academy placemats are complete – each one a little different and all quilted as you added each strip so quick and easy.DSCN4653  I don’t generally use placemats (that would entail actually eating at the table) so these may go in the gifting pile but I do love these fabrics – especially the deer print and the stripe.  I have enough left that I may be able to make a runner for the breakfast bar.

So adding in these fabrics used my fabric stash tally is:  98.5 yards sewn year to date; 61.5 yards purchased year to date so I am in the black having sewn more than purchased so far which means I’m 37 yards to the good.

As for the On the Needles report – I have something off the needles and completed


My Loopy Academy “texture” project baby sweater is done and found the buttons yesterday and added them.  It’s ready to send off to a sweet little girl to wear.

So adding in the yarn used…. drum roll please.. I am actually in the “black” for the moment having knit more than purchased this year…..

14,115 knit year to date

14,055 purchased year to date

Net year to date:  60 yards – I’ve knit 60 yards more than purchased.  It’s those little victories that matter. 🙂

As for other things on the needles – my Socktoberfest Socks are coming along.

crocodiliasocksThe Crocodylia  socks – if you want to join in the Socktoberfest challenge (you have until the end of November to finish them) and win a hank of Wollmeise sock yarn – check out this blog post.

I’m about half way down the foot of the first sock.

I’m also working a bit here and there on my sweater made from my Loopy Legends Gannets yarn.  The sweater pattern is a Afterlight – I’m doing a CF version but there’s also a regular pattern version of it  Just a simple sweater to go with jeans but a lot of stockinette stitch so I’ve been working on it in between my Loopy Academy projects.

gannets sweaterNow that I’ve gotten some of the shaping decreases done on the back, it’s just starting to pool colors a bit differently so that could be interesting but I’m just going to let it pool the way it wants and not try to stop it.


I also came across this pattern recently and I think the little purses are so adorable.  They have a little steek in them so I think will be a good little pattern to venture into steeking before attempting something with more “steek” in it.   I think I need one to hold all my little stitch markers and maybe a second to use as a coin purse and I think I need one for a friend for Christmas — so I’d better get going on at least one. I’ve ordered the purse hardware which will take about 2 weeks to get here so I hope to have one finished by the time it arrives.  We’ll see since I’m still working on the other side of my circular knit pillow for Loopy Academy too.

And around all that I’m working on two new designs for Hoffman Fabrics and I need to complete a quilt block submission for consideration for an issue of 100 Blocks (which I finally decided on the design so just need to get it made).  Whew! no wonder I’ve barely turned on the computer all week.

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