Happy Halloween

halloween It’s not going to be a great day here for the trick-or-treaters I’m thinking.  Another weekend of chilly winds, rain rain and more rain.  We had sunshine for a little while yesterday late in the day but it seems like it’s been raining all week.

So that means another great day for sewing and/or knitting right?  And I think baking/cooking some comfort food of sorts.  I never did anything with the apples last weekend because I was nearly out of sugar and flour and seriously what kind of great apple cooking can you do without those ingredients.  I was going to make meatloaf and baked potatoes last weekend – and then realized I had eaten the last egg for breakfast that day.  So after having dinner last night with a friend we hit the grocery store and I am fully stocked for some apple making – meatloaf making (after I clean up the current mess in the kitchen).  But I may leave the apple baking till tomorrow – I have sewing I want to get done this afternoon.  The quilt I started on last weekend (shown in the prior blog post) – I now have two of those rows of blocks all sewn together  need to get the other two rows sashed.

And…. yes indeed… it’s weekend two of the Dark Shadows Binge watching on Decades TV – very appropriate for Halloween weekend) which starts in about an hour so I need to get some cleaning done around here and laundry started (and maybe get dressed!) while I figure out what’s for lunch since I never got around to having breakfast.

In On the Needles news – yes I know I didn’t get this posted last night – ONE of my Crocodylia socks is complete!

20151031_2The yarns so dark it’s hard to see the stitch pattern.    Finished this one off Thursday night so need to get the second one cast on.  It’s so dark in the mornings riding the bus now that it’s hard to work on these (bus lighting is not great and you have to be sitting on the correct side of the bus to have the light right above you which doesn’t happen often) so I’ve had to switch my bus knitting to a different project.

Are you working on your Crocodylia socks for my Socktoberfest challenge.

You can still join in – finished sock photos not due until midnight December 1 and you can’t possibly win the Wollmeise yarn prize if you don’t play along 🙂  Priscilla has already emailed me a photo of her finished socks – looking lovely in red.  I’ll post all participant photos on Dec. 2 when I do the prize drawing.

My sweater for wearing with jeans that I’m letting pool however it likes …. I’m closing in on starting the armholes on the front — just a few more rows to go.

20151031_1Now that I’m above all the waist shaping you can see I’m getting areas where the cream color pools and almost makes sort of a diamond grid outline.  It is actually far more apparent in the photo that it is in real life and it will be interesting to see what happens once I start binding off armholes and decreasing stitches.  Plus this has a vee neck so working on just one side at a time will change the way the yarn behaves again.  Time will tell.


Quilt progress

20151024_2got all my blocks cut which was the putziest part of the process.  I cut then one at time to make sure that I got the one way fabrics turned the way I wanted and got the other fabrics turned this way and that.  Several blocks have their sashing added so now I just need to sash the rest of them.


Someone should have moved that footstool out of the way as I was going back and forth from the table to where I was laying the blocks on the carpet…….. a person’s toe should not be this color

……..  no it’s not your eyes, that is a very blurry photo but I have a much more purple piggy toe this a.m.  since it ran into the footstool. Ouch.


Saturday Sewing

That’s my plan this wet, dreary and chilly fall morning — to spend a good part of the day sewing.  I opened the door to see what it was like outside and although the rain has stopped for the moment – it’s definitely raining down leaves in the wind.    But a dreary, wet, chilly fall morning is the perfect kind of day to spend sewing and/or knitting and I had already planned to do some “binge” watching of tv.  🙂

The Decades tv channel, which I recently discovered I could get, starting at noon on Saturdays and continuing round the clock until sometime (maybe midnight – I’m not sure) on Sundays plays episodes of all one program – much like the “marathons” other stations do.  Last week it was the Rogues – a tv series from the early 60’s (when I was just a toddler) 🙂  which I’ve seen an episode here or there of on other stations that play the old shows but I got to see many more during Binge weekend and it was entertaining as I was knitting away.  This weekend…. so close to Halloween…. what could it be but Dark Shadows.  My brothers and I used to race home from grade school – no dawdling on the way – to watch this show.  It’s one of those shows that to watch now seems so funny since the special effects – tho oh so frightening and suspenseful at the time – are so  not scary now.  But  that is going to be my tv viewing this weekend.

And while I’m vampire watching this weekend – I’ll be doing some sewing on these fabrics I think.


My plan is to get all the blocks put together today but we’ll see … I can easily be distracted… like by the fact that I have two deep vegetable drawers full of apples from my Aunt’s apple trees and I’m thinking what kind of apple goodness might I be baking?

I made this apple coffee cake last weekend and took it in to work on Monday and I can tell you it got the seal of approval from my coworkers.  I doubled the recipe for a larger pan, and I also added some brown sugar into my streusel topping and some chopped walnuts.   Takes longer to bake than the recipe says but just waited until the toothpick test came out right.  Moist, delicious, apply, and I personally can attest that it is especially good still warm from the oven.

Then again – it may be a good thing that I don’t think I have enough flour left in the cupboard to bake anything. 😉 but a baked apple may be my treat tonight since they’re so easy to pop just one in the microwave.  And will go well with the meatloaf and acorn squash planned for dinner.  Okay – I’m hungry now so need to go find some breakfast/brunch.

But before I do – check out this adorable fabric.

20151024_3This is the reward fabric for completing the Camp Loopy Safari sewing projects this past summer.   The logo with all the animals was the t-short logo and then they’ve enlarged Loopy who is standing on the top of the jeep.   Not sure what I’ll do with it – I still have last year’s Loopy fabric from camp too so may somehow combine the two.


Crazy for Cables?? or just crazy in general……

Okay – crazy in general probably fits me well  (I have many so-called friends who would agree with that — come to think  it probably family members as well) 😉   As for crazy about knitting cables – there are several patterns I love with cables but as I don’t really like knitting them.  I just admire the patterns from afar because altho they are lovely, they are something I get tired of doing since they slow me down and I actually have to pay attention to what I’m knitting and that whole having to use a cable needle – I’m always losing that down the side of the chair (although I have a different little gadget I may try instead of the cable needle next time I need one) .   Anyway, occasionally I make a few exceptions to the just admiring from afar cable rule.

Check out the Stories from Snoqualmie Valley shawl. It looks so warm and squishable and the cables with the insets inside – I am in love with them – and since I’ve got my Loopy Academy projects finished for this semester….. nope, I won’t be starting on it yet.  But I will start thinking about what yarn I want to use and then again, maybe I can score some great Black Friday yarn sales.  I shall just think about them as I’m knitting along on my current sweater (I finished off the back of the sweater and started on the front last night).  I think I’ll wait to decide if I’m going to do the next semester of Loopy Academy and if so, see if it fits any of the criteria, and if I decide not to do LA knitting, then it will definitely be a project for the beginning of next year.  This one I definitely want to make.

Another crazy idea – I decided I needed to make a quilt as a Christmas gift for someone – just a large lap quilt but unlike my Loopy Academy knitting projects, my Loopy Academy sewing projects are not yet done so adding a quilt to the things to finish in the next couple months – probably not a great idea but my fabrics have arrived.

fabricHere’s the fabrics that are waiting for me to cut into them.

Yes – it’s a hunting and fishing themed group of fabrics.  I especially love the deer heads on the gray fabric.

It’s going to be a simple quilt – I’m going to use the Sea Breeze quilt pattern – one I did for Hoffman California Fabrics.  Very similar to the Mix ‘n Match quilt I did but Sea Breeze blocks are square as opposed to rectangular.

Hopefully I’ll be able to get started on this one this weekend.

I Love Yarn Day

Yes – today is I love yarn day.  Doesn’t that mean I should have bought some yarn?  I didn’t – but then there’s still several hours left in the day. 😉    I just adjusted my tallies and added  to the yarn stash page a new photo of a finished project.  So, I have now knit 700+ yards more than I have purchased.  The “knit” tally just counts finished projects, not those in the works in various stages (there are a lot in the “various stages” of completion category).

This week I finished the last of my Loopy Academy knitting projects for Sophomore Semester 1.

Each side of the pillow has a different design.  I used the Decorative Pillow Cases pattern.  Both are intarsia patterns – which is just short rows but no wraps  or wraps to pick up.


I like the patterns, and it was my first intarsia which went pretty well, but I did  make a change to the side of the pillow that looks like a flower.  The pattern said to make only 12 petals but that was not looking right when I tried sewing the end together so I made 13 petals which seemed to match better the 13 blades on the blue pillow and make them the same size.

I had such a fat 22″ down pillow form that I had to add a little to each side of the pillow.  since the inside circle of the pillows is closed up with single crochets, the slipped knit stitches around the outside edge of the pillow were perfect to single crochet in.  I added two rounds of SC in the  respective background colors for each side of the pillow and then one round of SC on each side using the off white yarn.  Then just slipped stitched it shut with the crochet hook.

Clover Wonder Clips which I use for holding quilt binding while hand sewing are also a perfect knitter’s tool.  They are great for holding pieces of sweaters, etc. together while seaming.  They also worked great to clip the two sides of the pillow around the pillow form so I could slip stitch it shut while on the pillow form.

As I was finishing up sewing the pillow I happened across a popcorn stitch flower pattern that I thought might look great in the center of the pillow rather than just the brown circle there.  It was the perfect accent to the pillow.  All that crocheting did remind me why I don’t crochet anymore tho.  Boy it is hard on my hands, but even more so my wrists.   I’m glad that project is done.

20151017_12The back is nearly done on my Pooling Experiment sweater made from my Loopy Legends Denise’s Gannets yarn.  First major pooling at the bottom is where the waist shaping stitches are and then again above the armholes.  I’m just letting it pool at will.   And while there are those “oh the horror your yarn is pooling” group of knitters – I’m not one of them.  Sure some things I don’t want to pool and I will take steps to avoid it but this sweater is my “toss on with jeans” sweater and since jeans are my weekend attire and not office attire – a comfy sweater with pooly splotches is just fine with me.  It will be interesting to see how the front differs in pooling from the back and what the sleeves will do.  (Don’t you love my bright green Loopy Ewe bag – it’s a great project bag.)

20151017_11This week my order of purse closures also arrived.  There’s two Mickey Mouse type closures and then two others.  I love the coppery color of the one Mickey Mouse closure.  So I’m anxious to get started on one of these little purses.



PatchKats October Installment

I seriously didn’t think I’d get this posted today but my day ended up going a bit differently than planned – which is a good thing

So — I’m not late — it’s still the third Saturday of the month, and the final instructions for PatchKats is now available for download.

pkSusan (a/k/a PatchKat) would have loved this quilt and would have been sewing right along – actually she saw an early drawing of it and did love it – so thank you to those who stitched along on this quilt design honoring my dear friend Susan.

I’d love for you to add photos of your quilt tops or finished quilts to my Flickr group so I can share them with Susan’s DH – he’d love to see them.

The full instructions for this project will remain on the blog until December 1, 2015.  After that time, they will be removed as I get ready to send the project to  Electric Quilt for sale thru Boutique Blocks.

I hope you’ll love your finished project!


Crazy Busy

Goodness this week was insane.  Just too much going on – next week has got to be better!  No sewing going on – I need to get back to my Loopy Academy projects;  very little knitting going on, other than on my bus ride; but many hours of quilt designing and tweaking going on tho.  Quilt Market is very soon and those new Hoffman Fabric lines need some quilt designs and I was busy design quilts for two of my favorite types of fabric – a new fall line that will be coming out called Frosted Fall – you know I’m all about fall colors which are my absolute favorites.  The other was a new Christmas line which I love.

There are also a EQ design or two left over (okay maybe five or six or eight that were rejects for the purposes above) that might make a good mystery or quilt along project so I’ll have to revisit those later.

Anyway  – to catch up on what’s on the needles


You can see that  it was going along rather stripey but then when I got to where the waist shaping changed the stitch count there’s a wide swath of pooling.   This is going to be my “jeans” sweater – fairly plain pullover to wear with my jeans – so I decided I was just going to let it pool however it liked.   Now that I’ve gotten above the shaping, its gone back to somewhat stripey.  This is the back so it will be interesting to see what happens after I start decreasing for the armhole edges but I’ve got a ways to go before that.

and my Socktoberfest Crocodylia socks –

20151010_14they got a few more rows added but not much.  Not too late to join in the KAL for a chance to win that Wollmeise yarn – over two and a half months left to knit on them. 😉

State of…… confusion

It’s State of the Stash day (fabric) and I missed the What’s on the Needles/State of the knitting stash update on Friday because things are just in a state of confusion around here! 🙂  Well not so much confusion as many deadlines and things all colliding at once which are keeping me busy.  So I’ll just bring all of it up to date here.

First – State of the Stash regarding the Fabric Stash:

I finished one of my Loopy Academy projects this weekend so I had new numbers to add into the stashbusting tally.

My Loopy academy placemats are complete – each one a little different and all quilted as you added each strip so quick and easy.DSCN4653  I don’t generally use placemats (that would entail actually eating at the table) so these may go in the gifting pile but I do love these fabrics – especially the deer print and the stripe.  I have enough left that I may be able to make a runner for the breakfast bar.

So adding in these fabrics used my fabric stash tally is:  98.5 yards sewn year to date; 61.5 yards purchased year to date so I am in the black having sewn more than purchased so far which means I’m 37 yards to the good.

As for the On the Needles report – I have something off the needles and completed


My Loopy Academy “texture” project baby sweater is done and found the buttons yesterday and added them.  It’s ready to send off to a sweet little girl to wear.

So adding in the yarn used…. drum roll please.. I am actually in the “black” for the moment having knit more than purchased this year…..

14,115 knit year to date

14,055 purchased year to date

Net year to date:  60 yards – I’ve knit 60 yards more than purchased.  It’s those little victories that matter. 🙂

As for other things on the needles – my Socktoberfest Socks are coming along.

crocodiliasocksThe Crocodylia  socks – if you want to join in the Socktoberfest challenge (you have until the end of November to finish them) and win a hank of Wollmeise sock yarn – check out this blog post.

I’m about half way down the foot of the first sock.

I’m also working a bit here and there on my sweater made from my Loopy Legends Gannets yarn.  The sweater pattern is a Afterlight – I’m doing a CF version but there’s also a regular pattern version of it  Just a simple sweater to go with jeans but a lot of stockinette stitch so I’ve been working on it in between my Loopy Academy projects.

gannets sweaterNow that I’ve gotten some of the shaping decreases done on the back, it’s just starting to pool colors a bit differently so that could be interesting but I’m just going to let it pool the way it wants and not try to stop it.


I also came across this pattern recently and I think the little purses are so adorable.  They have a little steek in them so I think will be a good little pattern to venture into steeking before attempting something with more “steek” in it.   I think I need one to hold all my little stitch markers and maybe a second to use as a coin purse and I think I need one for a friend for Christmas — so I’d better get going on at least one. I’ve ordered the purse hardware which will take about 2 weeks to get here so I hope to have one finished by the time it arrives.  We’ll see since I’m still working on the other side of my circular knit pillow for Loopy Academy too.

And around all that I’m working on two new designs for Hoffman Fabrics and I need to complete a quilt block submission for consideration for an issue of 100 Blocks (which I finally decided on the design so just need to get it made).  Whew! no wonder I’ve barely turned on the computer all week.