Off the Needles

This week I managed to get two things off the needles.  Both are for Loopy Academy projects

20150926_8My cable project – the Burberry Inspired Cable Cowl .  It is definitely going to be warm come this winter in the Tundra yarn – makes it a bit heavy.   Eight stitch cables  which alternate across the cowl – one single one in the center and then several rows later, one on each edge of the cowl – make it a more drapey look rather than a distinct cable look but I love it. I used every bit of my two hanks of yarn and actually had to rip back one row I knit because I realized I had gone too far and need some yarn to kitchner it closed.  I pulled the kitchner stitches tight as I was going along so with the bit stitches (size 10 needles) I was able to sort of add some gathering into the kitchner seam which makes the seam even less obvious since it has some drape like the rest of the cowl rather than being the only straight area on the cowl.

I also have my textured project done except for the blocking – which I plan to do today – and I need to dig through the button bin to see if I have anything that will work on this baby sweater.

20150926_9  So just need to finish the second pillow design and my LA projects will be well in hand for the first semester.



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