Are you ready for some Socktoberfest Knitting?

It’s nearly October, which means Socktoberfest.   I haven’t started any new socks in quite a while (I haven’t finished any on the needles socks in quite a while — wait, I take that back — I did finish one pair over the summer).  But since I have my LA knitting projects under control, I will be needing a new “knitting on the bus” project.

So my goal will be to start and finish my socks by Thanksgiving – yes, – more than just the month of October to work on them. And as in past years of my Socktoberfest knitting, I invite you to knit along with me.   I was searching for a pattern on Ravelry that met a couple of criteria for my Socktoberfest knitting:  (1) I wanted a bit of texture in the sock but nothing that can’t be memorized — it’s hard to juggle reading a pattern on the bus; (2) I wanted a sock that could  easily be made in various sizes, especially if I was going to invite you to play along.  Too may socks are written for just an “average” woman’s feet.  Well my woman’s feet are large and wide and I don’t always feel like having to do too much math to figure out how to upsize the pattern so one with multiple sizes was what I was looking for; (3) top down (since that’s the way I like to make my socks) and (4) a free pattern if I was going to invite you along to play.

I found all those things in the Crocodylia Sock pattern by Heather Sebastin. No affiliation with the designer – the pattern just looked interesting and met the criteria I set for myself. I like the simple texture design, she tells you throughout the pattern how to upsize it from her standard size if needed so the math is made very easy for those who may not have “average” feet.  🙂   I decided I would pull out the top storage tub that I knew had sock yarn in it and it happened to be my tub of Wollmeise.  I was going to randomly grab a hank without looking but I knew I wanted to use a solid looking yarn for my pair ( and some of the solids were purchased for a striped sweater I wanted to make so I knew there were multiples of some colors and I didn’t want to split those groups up) so I dug out all the single colors not slated for the sweater project that were solid looking and my Crocodylia’s will be made In Wollmeise Pure and the color is Tollkirsche.  A dark brown with sort of a burgundy tinge to it — so they will be “chocolate-covered crocodylia”?


So the rules of my 2015 Socktoberfest KAL are pretty simple if you wish to play along.

(1) You need to make the Crocodylia socks.  If you don’t have a Ravelry account, they are free, you simply sign up and then you can access the pattern.

(2) pattern stitch must extend down the top of the foot of the sock but you can use a different heel stitch pattern if you like eye of partridge heels or some other stitch pattern for our heels) and the sock should have the same number of repeats of the texture pattern on the leg as called for in the pattern (so no making a short little footie or shorty ankle sock – you can make them longer if you like but not shorter).

(3) your sock can be started on or after today (9/26/15) and must be finished by  the end of November.  Since Thanksgiving is so close to the end of the month, we’ll just use November 30th as the date your socks must be done.  That gives us  over two months to knit the socks.  You must email me a photo of your finished pair of socks by Midnight CST on December 1.  I’ll create a blog post to show off all your socks.

And lastly (4) in order to be eligible for the prize, you must live in the US.  Oh, didn’t I say earlier there was going to be a giveaway prize?  Well there is and I’m sorry anyone overseas isn’t eligible to win but the cost of postage and the hassle of having to actually walk over to the post office (which in the beginning of December could very likely be a very cold walk and even a snowy one) are why only US residents are eligible for the random drawing.

Let’s see, the year we did the Opal socktoberfest  KAL the prize was Opal yarn; last year the prize was some Socks that Rock yarn, this year hmmmm… Wollmeise?  it’s a possibility but I’m not making any promises —  it will be fingering weight sock yarn from my favorite yarn shop tho,  so you can make yourself  another pair of socks.

So will anyone be knitting Crocodylias along with me?  And if so, what kind of yarn do you plan to use and what color?


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  1. Hi Denise, I just finished photographing my finished Crocodylia socks. I’ve attached a picture. I used Berocco Comfort Soft solid red and am very pleased with the result. I knit two at a time on 40″ needles and used my regular heel rather than the Crocodylia pattern so that they would wear better.

    Date: Sat, 26 Sep 2015 21:53:29 +0000 To:

    • If you’ve never read a chart before, then Crocodylia is a perfect one to start with (1) because it’s a super simple chart and (2) charts for knitting in the round are much easier to read than charts worked on flat knitting back and forth. And you can easily write out the chart in words if that works better for you. So when chart reading for this pattern the thing to remember is you are reading from bottom of chart to top (rows are numbered so start with row 1 on the bottom), you are reading from right to left on every row. So for instance the first row of the pattern translates to *K4, P2, repeat from * all the way around, repeat that for the number of rows indicated, and then switch to the next stitch sequence.

      • I kinda thought that but thank you for the reinforcements. Now to find some yarn and buy more needles. Oh darn.

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  3. hmm, I usually make shorty sox, but am willing to give this pattern a try without cutting the top off so I can knit along. I have some sock-a-licious kollage yarn that may be too dark for the pattern and new kollage kubic circs to try out. ready to cast on!

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