Ripping and Sewing

The little baby sweater is just being difficult.  I had found a heart design I was going to put on it to meet the “texture” requirement for Loopy Academy.  I originally planned to put it on the front but it would have extended too far under the arm so I didn’t like that.  But heck – I’d put it on the back and just do a single little heart on the front.  Once I figured out I’d need to read the chart basically upside down and backwards – I got about two inches in and it was not really standing out like I wanted.  So why bother following the chart if it’s not really going to be apparent what it is.  So I ripped that back and came up with a new plan .

The plan is to space out lines of slipped stitches – changing the length of some of them – which will probably be used as flower stems when I get done — either crocheting little flower tops to go on them or finding buttons – I’m leaning towards the buttons so spent some time searching Etsy shops looking for buttons.  I haven’t found any I want for this sweater yet  but I came across a site with the most gorgeous Czech Glass Button shop so I’m trying to figure out what sweater of my own I need buttons for — they are all such lovely little works of art.

Among cleaning and baking and laundry, I did manage to get one of my placements made for Loopy Academy.

20150920_5I’m not following any pattern, just started in the center and added strips log cabin style.  There’s one fabric in the group that I didn’t use in this placemat – another large print like the trees in the center except it’s reindeer.  I plan to make them all a bit different – but all done with strips so they are quilted as I go along since I’m sewing the strips thru batting and backing when I add them.  I need to make at least four but will see how much of my fabrics are leftover and perhaps make more.


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  1. That placemat looks really pretty. I like the idea of different fabrics for the center. Looking forward to seeing the reindeer, one of my favorites.

  2. I really like your placemat idea too. Are you using a 2.5″ strip or less. I may have to try some of these to reduce my Christmas stash. Thanks for the inspiration.

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