This month’s installment of PatchKats has been posted.  If you are making the smaller design without the final hearts and ribbon border, then this month’s installment will finish off your top.  However, if you are making the full design (I love that heart and ribbon border but I’m a bit biased) then you have one more month to go.  There’s just a couple filler blocks and corner blocks for that heart and ribbon border that we didn’t make in in the very beginning so we will make those in October and the get the full design finished off then.

patchkats final


6 comments on “PatchKats

  1. I really enjoy your patterns. I want to make From Head to Toe – A Knitter’s Gift, but I am missing the June pattern. This was a block of the month quilt pattern in 2014. Is it possible to access that part of the pattern or do you have it for sale some where?

  2. Hi Denise….many thanks for this wonderful quilt pattern….I have just started and am working on the outside border, which I love….and for which I’m using all scraps from my stash….will post some pictures once I figure out how to do that!!! Michele D in Stonington CT

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