On the Needles report

I was too busy ripping out knitting to post the on the needles last night.

One of my Loopy Academy projects is a baby sweater for my Great Niece Eleanor.  I started on it Thursday? or maybe Wed night? anyway I didn’t notice there was a teeny, tiny knot in the yarn where the ends were tied back together.  I didn’t notice it until after about an inch along in stockinette stitch. It was on the backside but cotton yarn tends to show any irregularity and it made it look sort of like there was a missing stitch.  I knew it would bug me (and I wasn’t going to trust that tiny knot to not come undone at some point) so I ripped it back and reknit and now am back to about where I was before.

babysweaterI’m using the Pop Baby Cardigan for the main part of the sweater. This one is for my Loopy Academy “texture” project so since the bottom of the sweater is all just stockinette, I wanted to add some additional texture there.  I found the Be My Dischcloth pattern as I was searching for what to add.  I’m going to add the hearts on the lower right side of the sweater and then finish off the hem of the sweater and sleeves with some basket stitch or maybe see stitch.  I may also put a single heart on the ends of the sleeves.  Of course now I’m going to have to find some cute heart shaped buttons to use also.

LApillow Here’s one finished pillow top – my round pillow forms came this week and they are impressive.  First – they are much fatter width wise than I thought they would be.  and I like the “heft or feel” of them.  They are down pillows.  After I close in the center of this design I’ll probably add some crochet around the edges to make it a bit larger.  I’m sure it would block out a bit larger but since the blue yarn turned my fingers and wooden needle blueish, I’m afraid the color would bleed so don’t want to block it larger but crochet around the edges would be an easy way to get it to the size I want if it doesn’t stretch enough. Decided I am going to make it reversible with the other design on the other side so need to wait to until that design is done.

And hot off the needles  – Laura Aylor’s my First Point Of Libra Summer’s End MKAL shawl.  Love how it turned out (tho I hope I can block it a bit larger) and love the Black Trillium yarns – first time using them but I think another gradient set in a different color is in my not too distant future – so pretty.

lpl2Oh and I need to go add my yarn used to my yarn stash tally  — okay updated and even tho I added in the yarn used in this shawl – I had to add in the Loopy Academy yarn I purchased so I went a bit further in the hole but soon those LA projects will be finished….


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    • Since the pillow is just a decorative item that will be sitting on a chair I’m not worried about it rubbing off. I have found color catchers don’t do well with my hand knits — knits dry slowly so the color has more time to bleed into the lighter color as it is air drying.

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